Flock 2016 schedule is now out

The Flock 2016 schedule is now available! You can see all the sessions and speakers here on Sched.org.

Each year, the Fedora community holds several premier events in different regions of the world. One of these is Flock, a conference for Fedora contributors in North America and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This year Flock is in Europe — Kraków, Poland to be exact, from August 2-5.

The first two days are chock full of presentation sessions. The third and fourth days are packed with practical workshops and panels. As always, there are lots of opportunities to learn and participate with fellow Fedora contributors and experts.

One of the best things about Flock is the ability to meet up with contributors in other teams. Hearing the experiences of contributors outside our own area gives us new perspectives and ideas. Being able to exchange those ideas with people face to face is a fantastic gift. That’s why Flock is such an energized and special event.

It’s also a very educational conference. This year’s schedule includes a variety of topics, from technology to community building:

  • Building a Better Distro
  • Growing the Fedora Userbase
  • Making Life Better for Contributors
  • Prepared Lightning Talks
  • Team Planning
  • Hackfests
  • Drop-in Clinics
  • Open hardware
  • …and more!

Pre-registration is still open, even if the call for submissions has ended. You can sign up here on the official site and become part of the excitement and learning.

Planners are discussing how to share content via recording and remote participation. More information will be available about that before the conference. But in the meantime, we hope you’ll consider joining us in Kraków in person for all the fun!

You can read more about Flock on the official web site. Don’t forget to pre-register now!

Image courtesy Qvidemus – originally posted to Wikipedia as Kraków, sukiennice, 1344-1392, 1557-1559, 1875-1879

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