Christian Schaller is a long time free software contributor and advocate. He’s also a manager of emerging platform development at Red Hat. The groups in this area include desktop engineering, where developers work on many GNOME features seen in Fedora. Recently Christian posted on his blog about desktop features and improvements users want. He also discussed how Fedora delivers them.

Many such comments came in a recent Hacker News thread concerning Ubuntu. But listening to users doesn’t stop with just Linux users. Christian writes, “I often read such articles and threads about non-Linux systems too, to help understand what people are looking for and thus enable us to prioritize what we do with Fedora Workstation even better.”

Christian goes on to describe several of the most frequent requests. He also describes how Fedora is just offering well integrated technology in these areas to address user needs. More importantly, he discusses how Red Hat invests in these technologies upstream. This helps Fedora deliver a better integrated Workstation, but also brings benefits throughout the Linux community.

He says about leading edge technical features, “by using Fedora you are not only getting access to them first . . . but you are also supporting the effort of moving these technologies forward.”  Furthermore, he says, you’re “also putting yourself in a position to more directly interact with the engineers that work on [these features].”

You can read more on Christian’s blog here.