My apologies — it’s been a busy week and I’m swamped with Cloud SIG effort, other work stuff, and a kid with a stomach bug. Plus, these things turn out to take a long time to write. (Who knew?!) The 2014 Update series will back next week with governance structure, current status (with many updates!), and some big-picture ideas.

In the meantime, as always, I will take questions, comments, complaints, in any form including replies here, on the mailing lists, at any bar or coffee shop within walking distance of Boston’s MBTA, or on social media (@mattdm on Twitter; on Google Plus it’s probably best to use the Fedora Project G+ community, and similarly Fedora Linux or Fedora Community Folks on Facebook).

And, I will be at Northeast Linux Fest in Cambridge, Massachusetts tomorrow (April 5th), and at the Fedora booth at Red Hat Summit in San Francisco (April 14th-17th). If you’re going to be at one of these events, come talk to me! At Summit, I’ll be showing off some cool stuff with Docker and Colin Walter’s Fedora Atomic Remix, but will be more than happy to discuss about anything Fedora.

As the final post in the series, I’ll take all of the discussions and questions that have sprouted from these articles and highlight the areas which have resulted in the most interest. So, again, apologies, and let the conversation continue….