Fedora Linux 35 is now available at Vexxhost

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I love using Fedora Linux on desktops and servers. Fedora Linux is also a great platform for cloud applications. Starting today, you can deploy Fedora Linux 35 at Vexxhost! 🎉

Vexxhost offers an open-source cloud with OpenStack under the hood. You can deploy Fedora Linux on cloud infrastructure in Canada, the United States, and the Netherlands. They also deliver many other OpenStack-based services to provide load balancers, block storage, and object storage.

Would you like to run Fedora Linux on ARM? Vexxhost offers x86_64 and AArch64 architectures in their public cloud and Fedora Linux 35 works on both. It makes a great place to test ARM deployments before you run them on dedicated ARM hardware such as the Raspberry Pi.

Ready to get started with Fedora Linux 35 on Vexxhost? Sign up for a new account and then look for the Fedora Linux images in your region in the dashboard or via openstack image list on the command line.

Here are the image IDs for each region:

Montreal (ca-ymq-1)2bd8691d-709b-4b23-a432-c52aab7c2fb8708cb3c3-1171-4c56-928e-1b2e7f6e68a8
Amsterdam (ams1)8ced0015-5416-4dac-b661-8e7b2164b50c
San Jose (sjc1)210b2e3f-ce55-4745-b14c-41eced31e3d1

Learn more about the Fedora Cloud Base images and other clouds where you can use Fedora Linux.

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  1. Mike

    Is Fedora Magazine now offering advertising directly in its articles? This is a submission without technical information, without a how-to, but with a link to an external hosting provider. It seems to serve no other purpose than to promote said hosting provider. It is understandable that this website requires funding of some form, but advertising should be differentiated from standard articles. If this is the case, would the editors please mark the articles in some way to indicate that it is a promotion and differentiate it from the usual informative content.

    • You Really Don't Want to Know

      I found this useful. Clicking the link allowed me to discover that Vexx Host has no pricing information without a submission to their sales team. This does not meet my requirements but their FAQ does have a request form so I have asked for comparison to linode and digital ocean at the price of an email address … I’ll follow-up if they send anything useful.

      • You Really Don't Want to Know

        Vexx support replied to me yesterday. The usual sales call. I would say they are a serious competitor for Linode/DO but oreiented toward the corporate side.

      • AN Other

        It is bizarrely hard to find, but there is a pricing page which is linked from the footer. Prices are middle of the road.

    • Hi Mike. I get where you are coming from. I feel the same way as well and I asked someone at a higher “pay grade” than myself about this particular article and they gave it the go-ahead. When I initially approved the article proposal I had hoped that it would contain a little more about the Fedora Cloud Base image. At least it does promote the use of Fedora Linux. FWIW, you should expect that this sort of article will be quite rare. Be warned though that there is one other article along these lines currently in the pipeline.

    • Mike: I may have left out a little context here. The original work with Vexxhost came out of a bug that we found on aarch64 on OpenStack. There are not very many public OpenStack clouds out there and the only one we could find with aarch64 was the one at Vexxhost.

      Once the bug work was done, I realized that Fedora 34 was missing from their public image list. I talked to Mohamed, their CEO, which led me to make a pull request against their terraform repository. After doing that, I made a node myself to add Fedora 35 later.

    • The intention here wasn’t to publish an advertisement (since we don’t do ads or promotions here), but I get excited when anyone is doing something cool with Fedora Linux, including providing Fedora-based hosting or cloud services.

      Every time I use a cloud vendor and I see Fedora missing (or a recent version missing), I usually try to get it added. I did that here and figured it was worth sharing with everyone. 😉

      • Stephen

        Thanks for the article,
        It’s good to know there is a Canadian Cloud host that is built on OpenStack. I wonder what they’re developer interaction is, do they provide dev’s with limited cloud availability? I couldn’t tell since they wanted financial info up front I wouldn’t continue.

  2. Robin A. Meade

    It’s great to see Fedora 35 so quickly offered as an option at various cloud providers! It noticed it is also offered at linode.com and digitalocean.com. I appreciate articles like this that inform me of what cloud hosting options I have Fedora. A 2016 article (https://fedoramagazine.org/fedora-25-available-digitalocean/) helped get me going with my first digitalocean droplet.

  3. I think it appropriate to occasionally mention for profit businesses that make Fedora available – especially ones that have contributed directly. It seems less like advertising when several are listed – e.g. “Three cloud providers with Fedora 35 images”.

    That said, I want to write an article about self hosting. Estimating expected uptime, NUT and your UPS, minimizing server noise (something you don’t worry about with 3rd party cloud), cost effective redundancy features for self hosting (ECC, dual PS, RAID) etc.

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