After much anticipation, we have decided to sponsor HackRU, a hackathon occurring on April 18-19th 2015 at Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ). As a hackathon attendee, I have noticed relatively little FOSS activity within the recent collegiate hackathon scene — as an organisation that strives to lead, not follow, Fedora will be sponsoring HackRU in April.

HackRU is a hackathon, a collaborative event in which college and high school students from over the country flock together to compete, share, and connect. Hackathons are especially great for learning new things, and we feel like FOSS should be represented at hackathons, where most sponsors are startups. We believe in Freedom, Friends, Features, First; we also believe in giving back, and open sourcing creations for everybody to share and reuse.

The same way that Fedora contributors collaborate to deliver bleeding-edge advances in software, we hope that tech’s future (and present!) leaders will work together to achieve more innovation through FOSS and collaboration.

We will have a booth with plenty of swag and media. Come see us if you are attending! We will also be walking around and helping out as mentors. Stay tuned for a post-event report 🙂

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