Fedora: From Live boot, to installation, to upgrade

SE18_US_shop_imageLinux New Media, the publishers of Linux Pro Magazine, recently published a special edition issue called Free from XP, which features Fedora 20. Recently they posted the Fedora installation article for free online: Ready, Aim, Install!. In this article, Jason Brooks explains how to take stock of your hardware, back up your data, and install Fedora 20.

The Free from XP issue is already on news stands in Europe and hits news stands in North America soon. The print addition includes a free double-sided DVD with Fedora 20 Desktop Edition and the LXDE Spin.

Print and digital versions of the special edition are for sale online now.

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  1. While I use Fedora myself, I’m not sure how wise it is to try to get Windows XP users to switch to Fedora on their own.

    Clearly if they’re still using Windows XP, they’re not eager to upgrade things. At the moment, as far as I’m aware, Fedora doesn’t have an upgrade story *at all*.

    The nearest thing we have to a story for this is: Alex is a Fedora enthusiast; they find out from a tech news website that there’s a new version of Fedora; they search the web to find out how to upgrade their existing Fedora installation; they discover that Fedora’s upgrade tool is called fedup and they find the commands they need to run in a terminal; they copy and paste the commands into a terminal.

    By contrast: Charlie is an Ubuntu user; they find out from a message in the Software Updater that there’s a new version of Ubuntu; they press the Upgrade button and press a few more buttons to confirm.

    How many of these users will never upgrade because they don’t know that they can?

  2. Cory Hilliard

    Although I love Fedora myself, I wouldn’t recommend Fedora anymore to XP converts unless they’re using Cinnamon. Fedora/Cinnamon is the best, but I would just tell people to use Mint if I can’t be there to do things for them. It’s upsetting that Gnome 3 is something I don’t like. I wish I did.

  3. Leslie Satenstein

    A typical XP computer has 1 gig of ram. That is too small for good Fedora 20 use with Gnome.

    Linux is too fat for a 1 gig machine. Yes it will run, but very poorly, with a lot of swap file use.

  4. Rafael Puente

    I keep telling Fedora that in order to be relevant they have to make a Project like Cinnamon or Unity and get out of Gnome unless they make it functional without the use of extensions. I mean, I love the stability of Fedora but they have to make it easy. What about Fedy? Why don’t Fedora incorporate something like it in it…what about making a Yast like admin console?!!

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