Fedora Developer Portal updated

Since the Fedora Developer Portal started last year, it has been the go-to place for information on setting up and using Fedora as a platform for development. This week, the Fedora Developer Portal team announced the release of the refreshed and updated version of the portal.

The major new addition from a content perspective is the Start a Project section, that contains information on setting up development with a specific end-goal in mind, such as Creating a Desktop Application, or Hacking on Arduino on Fedora.

If you want to help the Fedora Developer Portal expand their content, they also have a new contributor page that shows how you can get involved.


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  1. Adil

    The developer portal is great. However, it is very difficult for new Fedora users or those interested in Fedora to discover this site.

    Most people who wish to learn about Fedora go to the getFedora.org main site. The only way to learn about the Fedora Developers portal is from a small link at the footer. That is not discoverable. Also, the “what can I do for Fedora” site isn’t even listed at all on the main page. It took me days to figure out where that site was located at.

    Personally, I feel the main Fedora page needs to be redesigned to better promote the various Fedora subsites.

    • nkly

      Yes, that’s right! Main Fedora site needs to be redesigned.

    • Aaron Rumbold

      I disagree – For me, the whole point of “Get Fedora” is to allow you a clean, unambiguous path to discover the latest and greatest version that is right for you, along with some supporting information.

      There is a link right there to Fedora Magazine, which brings them to this site full of examples, cases and some of the best fedora documentation I’ve come across.

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