Hello everyone! Very shortly, the Fedora Council will replace the Fedora Project Board as Fedora’s top-level leadership and governance body, with the particular aim of having more engaged and effective whole-project coordination and planning.

A friend recently reminded me that the word “governance” is a great way to make everyone’s eyes glaze over, and that “leadership” can be kind of vague and empty-sounding. I can’t promise that there won’t be some boring stuff (“With great power, comes… administration!”), but the governance part means an opportunity to help decide where Fedora’s project-level resources are used, and the leadership part means that we’ll work with the community to identify specific important objectives — and then empower community leaders to achieve each one.

The council structure includes meritocratic representative positions appointed by long-standed Fedora bodies. The Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo) and Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee (FAmSCo) are working on selecting those right now.

Additionally, after those appointments are made, we will hold elections for two “at-large” representative seats. Any Fedora contributor is eligible to run, and all are eligible to vote. Because the new Council will be consensus-based rather than each seat being one vote out of ten, each of these positions carries a lot of weight. Fedora is an amazing collaborative community, and I’d like to ask all active members to think about what you might be able to bring to such a role, and about who you want to represent you.

(As we get closer, we’ll post a full election schedule and more details. No action needs to be taken yet, although if you’re involved in either the engineering or outreach aspects of the project, do please help contribute to FESCo and FAmSCo’s selection of those representatives.)