I’m pleased to announce that the following people have agreed to be voting
members of the initial working group:

* James Antill — FPC member, yum maintainer. Will help with the tools
we’ll need to build a brave new containerized world.

* Robyn Bergeron — Former Fedora Cloud SIG wrangler, now the FPL. Driver
of Fedora for those who value mean time to recover over mean time
between failure. Talks regularly with smart people in awesome
innovative open software communities outside of our traditional
comfort zone.

* Joe Brockmeier — Fedora Marketing contributor, and also member of
the Apache CloudStack PMC. Will help with market research,
marketing, communications, and as much as we can trick him into
taking on.

* Haïkel Guémar — Longtime Fedora contributor (packager, ambassador,
writer), and works on cloud computing for $DAYJOB, and so will provide
a voice for real-world users.

* Sam Kottler — Works with Puppet and is a member of Bundler and
RubyGems core teams. Has opinions, not afraid to use them. Does
not sleep.

* Sandro Mathys — Another longtime contributor, active in OpenStack
and RDO, also works on cloud computing for actual money; will
provide real-world experience and contribute to QA.

* Matthew Miller — Me. FESCo coordinator, cheerleading, that sort of

* Frankie Onuonga — Member of the Fedora Infrastructure team,
interested in release engineering. Works for a public cloud
startup hopefully going live next week with Fedora images.

* Mattias Runge — Fedora contributor and OpenStack developer. Has
presented a somewhat different idea of where we should go with
this than what I suggested, which is good in case I’m entirely

As Josh noted in the Workstation WG announcement, I also want to
strongly stress that while the above people are the initial voting
members, we’re looking for participation from anyone interested in
helping Fedora succeed as a cloud operating system.

We will be using using the existing Cloud SIG mailing list
(cloud@lists.fedoraproject.org) and #fedora-cloud IRC channel for group