The Fedora Join SIG is proud to announce Classroom sessions. The Fedora Classroom is a project to teach interested users how to better use, understand and manage their Fedora system, and to show how the community works. The idea is to reach interested people and, if they desire, bring them closer to the Fedora community.

Almost all classes will be held on IRC in the #fedora-classroom channel on Freenode ( If you’re not familiar with IRC, check out the Beginner’s guide to IRC. Also we’ll use BlueJeans, a video conferencing platform that works from browsers, mobile devices and a desktop application. If you have trouble connecting to Blue Jeans, please refer to the support page.

The schedule

The following Classroom sessions are currently scheduled (subject to change):

Date Time (UTC) Class topic and Instructor
2017-07-28 13:00 UTC – 14:30 UTC FOSS 101 – David Kaspar
2017-08-04 15:00 UTC – 16:00 UTC Fedora Magazine 101 – Eduard Lucena
2017-08-07 – 2017-08-11 TBD Command line 101 – Ankur Sinha “FranciscoD”
2017-08-14 – 2017-08-18 TBD VIM 101 – Eduard Lucena/Ankur Sinha “FranciscoD”
2017-08-21 – 2017-08-25 TBD Emacs 101 – Sachin Patil
2017-08-28 – 2017-09-01 TBD Fedora QA 101 – Sumantro Mukherjee/Amita Sharma
2017-09-04 – 2017-09-08 TBD Git 101 – Ankur Sinha “FranciscoD”
2017-09-11 – 2017-09-15 TBD Fedora packaging 101 – Ankur Sinha “FranciscoD”

This week’s session

Here are details about this Friday’s upcoming session.


David Kašpar (a.k.a. Dee’Kej) started working for Red Hat as an intern in Quality Engineering in 2012. Nowadays, he’s a package maintainer for both Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In addition, he’s also a strong believer in free/libre and open source software principles, advocating for their usage even outside the IT industry. He regularly introduces students to meritocracy, the open source world, and the so-called Open Source Way. But he has other big passions as well — music, gaming and capoeira (Brazilian martial arts).

Topic: FOSS 101

A fly-through the history of Free/Libre & Open Source (FOSS) to let you know how it all started, how did it go, what have we achieved so far, and what can we expect in the future.

Joining the session

This session will be held via BlueJeans. The following information will help you join the session:

We hope you can attend and enjoy this experience from some of the people that work in the Fedora Project.

Photograph used in feature image is San Simeon School House by Anita RitenourCC-BY 2.0