Fedora Classroom Session: Git 101 with Pagure

Fedora Classroom: IRC 101

The Fedora Classroom is a project to help people by spreading knowledge on subjects related to Fedora for others, If you would like to propose a session, feel free to open a ticket here with the tag classroom. If you’re interested in taking a proposed session, kindly let us know and once you take it, you will be awarded the Sensei Badge too as a token of appreciation. Recordings from the previous sessions can be found here.

We’re back with another awesome classroom on Git 101 with Pagure led by Akashdeep Dhar (t0xic0der).

About the session

In short, the Git 101 with Pagure session will be a guide for newcomers on how to get started with Git with the git forge Pagure used by the Fedora community. After finishing the session you will have the knowledge to manage Git and Pagure and generate the first contributions on the Fedora Project.

When and where

The Classroom session will be organized on Jul 17th, 17:00 UTC. Here’s a link to see what time it is in your timezone. The session will be streamed on Fedora Project’s YouTube channel.

Topics covered in the session

  • Version Control Systems
  • Why Git?
  • VCS Hosting Sites
  • Fedora Pagure
  • Exploring Pagure
  • Git Fundamentals

About the instructor

Akashdeep Dhar is a cybersecurity enthusiast with keen interests in networking, cloud computing and operating systems. He is currently in the final year of his computer science major with cybersecurity minor bachelor degree. He has over five years of experience in using GNU/Linux systems and is new to the Fedora community with contributions made so far in infrastructure, classroom and documentation.

If you miss the session, the recording will also be uploaded in the Fedora Project‘s YouTube channel.

We hope you can attend and enjoy this experience from some of the awesome people that work in Fedora Project. We look forward to seeing you in the Classroom session.

Photograph used in feature image is San Simeon School House by Anita RitenourCC-BY 2.0.

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  1. Joao Rodrigues

    05:00 UTC? Are you sure? Don’t you mean 17:00 UTC?

    Half the world is sleeping at 05:00 UTC

    • Eduard Lucena

      Fixed. Thanks for caching it.

      • Shreepad S

        17:00 UTC? Are you sure?

        The other half of the world is sleeping at 17:00 UTC!

    • pingou

      @Joao one may argue that the other half is awake then 🙂

    • Marvin L. Miller

      I am guessing that is correct. I guess half the world is sleeping at any time.

  2. regyt5r

    when fedora on pinePhone?

  3. Andy Mender

    Nice! Good call and I hope it goes well :).

  4. Kyle

    17:00UTC is 1am to 3am for Australia and New Zealand.

  5. Tromkl

    When classrom in Polish language will be avaiable?

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