Fedora Classroom Session 3

The Fedora Classroom sessions continue this week. You can find the general schedule for sessions on the wiki. You can also find resources and recordings from previous sessions there.

Here are details about this week’s session on Thursday, August 10 at 1300 UTC.


Ankur Sinha (“FranciscoD”) is a Free Software supporter and has been with the Fedora community for the better part of a decade now. Rahul Sundaram mentored him as font package maintainer in his early days with Fedora. Ankur has since branched out to acquaint himself with many other teams and SIGs.

He is a Fedora Workstation user, and prefers to use the terminal as much as possible. Currently, he is working on his PhD in computational neuroscience in the UK. When he does have time to spare, he focuses on the Fedora Join SIG and on maintaining his packages.

He can be reached via his Fedora project e-mail or on one of the many Fedora IRC channels. Feel free to ping him.

Topic: Command Line 101

Over the years, the command line has developed a reputation for being rather hard core, only apt for advanced users of Linux. This is entirely false. While GUI tools have their benefits, they are not well suited for all types of tasks. The command line provides a set of powerful tools and operators. It lets you carry out a myriad of tasks easily and efficiently. Often you don’t even need to move your fingers off the home row.

This hands-on session starts with a quick theoretical introduction. Then we’ll go over a set of useful command line tools. Finally we’ll look at some advanced topics such as I/O redirection. This will give you a taste of how easy and powerful the command line is.

Joining the session

Since it is a hands-on session, it will be useful to have a Linux installation to follow it properly. No prior knowledge of the command line is required. This session will be held via IRC. The following information will help you join the session:

We hope you can attend and enjoy this experience from some of the people that work in the Fedora Project.

Photograph used in feature image is San Simeon School House by Anita Ritenour — CC-BY 2.0.

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  1. Brian Proffitt

    What time is the session?

  2. jack

    Scroll to the top. Read the first sentence. Brian, you look like you would be an expert with the command line.

  3. Mehdi

    Great! I will attend the session!

  4. Jake

    I live on the west coast so these sessions start at 6 AM, that’s why it’s been difficult to attend them.

  5. kerojo

    Does anyone know if and when the recording of this session will be released? My schedule doesn’t allow me to participate live.

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