Fedora 22 is “Go” for May 26!

That’s right — the bits are heading out the door (and onto our mirror network)! Expect the official announcement around 10am US Eastern time Tuesday morning.

Fedora Project community


  1. Leslie Satenstein

    This is great news. I think Matthew and the developers deserve applause for delivering this version on the scheduled and promised date.

    Bravo and well done

  2. bionan

    Yes, I agree with Leslie: Well done Matthew and developers!

  3. Miro Hrončok

    I find that server image not quite serverish.

  4. rui Quaresma

    Portugal , wait for “Fedora 22” thank you.

  5. Antonio Carlos Lemos Júnior

    Thank you Matthew Miller.

  6. PerfMonk

    Great job! I can’t wait to try it!

  7. Dilip K

    Hi Fedora Team,

    Kudos to each and every member of the Fedora Team. I had been using Fedora for quite long and am an ardent fan of Redhat and its fork distros. Eversince Fedora 20 I have never been faced with any sort of freezes or downtime during my work. I am just loving it and its getting better and better. I hope to see Fedora the best available and easy to use OS desktop operating system.
    Having said this am not against any other distros but just the fact that my experience with Fedora is much much better than any other Linux distros. Kudos to the team again and wish you success, stability and reliability in all the upcoming releases as well.

    Dilip K

  8. George Labuschagne

    Yeah, thanks everybody involved. Running it already and it is looking great.

  9. arnaud Mez

    This is great news to read.
    I’m already impressed by what the beta version can do and exited to see what will the final be able to do.

    As a satisfied Fedora user I take this opportunity to thank Matt and the entire Fedora project team but also our community for the good job.

  10. A job well done Guys, Fedora Os, deserve multi-broswers, such as torch,opera and so on…

  11. Im exited to see this new version and test it. But I only wish fedora would have a little bit better hardware support. I have recently built quite modern PC rig with top Asus motherboard, nvidia graphic card etc and it never works out of the box. My heart will be always with FEDORA <3

  12. Erix

    Great job, i love fedora, please make f22 more compatible with Broadcom wifi drivers !!

  13. Allan

    Just did a test install of Fedora Server on an Asus RVE board. Out of the box, no Broadcom bluetooth + wifi & Realtek sound support, did not get a chance to fully test or hunt down drivers, since kmod has a kernel version mismatch. Have not tested the Nvidia GPUs too, but they should work with the usual binaries. Also noted Anaconda does not allow btrfs boot as previous version, and dnf takes some time getting used to. Overall, new system is looking really slick and polished, well done to the entire team!

  14. 4NewHop3

    Will the MATE edition of Fedora also be updated the same day vanilla Fedora gets the Fedora 22 update?

    • arehtykitna

      It is an official spin and has been rebuilt along with all the others since Alpha TC4 back in March. So yes I think so.

  15. Allan

    Did further testing with the final image, everything works wonderfully after configuration! I made a wrong assumption earlier when I assumed my RVE board’s bluetooth, wifi and sound did not work, but I was mistaken. I totally love everything about this version, and KDE looks so good I might just switch 😀 Thank you to all the developers once again!

  16. Bogdan

    I think this is going to be the most interesting release so far (at least compared to the last few versions). Fedora Core 3 was the first distro that I actually managed to use back then, so I have a weakness for Fedora. Good job, the dev team actually takes suggestions into consideration and implement them very quickly, and it’s the most stable distribution I’ve used.

  17. Chase Crum

    Playing around with dnf at the moment… always nice to see something new that’s well documented….

    So when the image goes live, are the repos going to convert betas to current ?

  18. Great job Matt! Kudos to all. About time I upgraded my servers anyway and 22 looks like the weapon to do it.
    Thanks 🙂

  19. Luca

    Fedora is my favourite O.S..
    I’m eager to install it!

  20. Anthony Maes

    I really wonder what’s the point? I used to love Linux, but it’s still the same hassle, last time i downloaded a ServOS from you guys it was like 14 or something and i had more hassle getting it up and running than many others, yours still not as bad as some Distros, i give you that. But until you make things easier for your consumers Linux will never get the recognition it deserves, i just downloaded, Server 21, and i have to say, still a hassle.. lack of organization.

    Example, Software updates, don’t out of the box. Yes you can go terminal.. but why? is it that difficult for you guy to get software updates working?? Well who knows.. maybe you get it right on 22.

    Good luck..

    • Ruan

      I don’t think your complaints are valid, quite honestly. The traditional way (for good reason!) to manage a Linux server is through the command line. If you find yourself unable to do that, grab a couple of tutorials instead of bashing the OS. If you cannot fly a Boeing 747, it’s probably because you lack the skill, not because the Boeing is a bad plane ;-).

  21. Axel Vanden Eynden

    I’m so impatient to try it ! A delay would have been the worst news of the week.

    Great job ! Thanks everybody.

  22. azedddine

    Good news, i’m waiting for it

  23. Antonio Cala

    Thanks to developers and all Fedora’s people. Here running F22 workstation beta without problem. Smooth and beautiful. Congratulations from Seville, Spain.

  24. Virendra Tiwari

    Good news !

  25. I could’nt wait for it, Iḿ using beta version waiting for the seamless update 🙂

  26. Erix

    oh common! why clock tiking so slow !! i’m so impatient to install f22 ^_^

  27. Haris Ainur Rozak

    Indonesia!, waiting for F22 at Tuesday night 🙂

  28. Hamed Soleimani

    Wow! Fedora has a release on my birthday.

  29. Trevor

    Looking forward to the release. Nice to see there were no delays; that took a lot of sleepless nights and dedication to accomplish (I suspect).

  30. Felipe

    Ótima notícia, tenho a versão 21 e agora com a chegada da 22 oficialmente vai corrigir bastantes lacunas.

  31. tommy

    ’10am US Eastern’ ? how about using timeanddate.com (or similiar) instead. I never heard abous US Eastern before.


    • It’s a real thing. 🙂 In fact, right there in /usr/share/zoneinfo/US/Eastern.

      The following command will covert into your local timezone:

      date -d 'TZ="US/Eastern" 2015-05-26 10:00'

  32. Shine

    I cannot wait to get it!

  33. Fedora is my favorite Linux Flavor, and an amazing OS in general. I always expect a lot from fedora since they always do great. My dream is to work in the networking field in a company call red hat.


  34. Richard Branches

    Colombia is waiting for it!!

  35. Isosq

    Great! I cant wait!!

  36. Ervin

    Thanks for all the hard work! I do hope that Linphone too will get upgraded at least this time.

  37. Woohoo! Can’t wait! Been waiting for KDE 5 and can’t wait to have it running on my main machine!

  38. Whoaaaa

    Congrats! Long Live Opensource!

  39. Rigol

    De pelos!

  40. Adriano

    Waiting here from Brazil 🙂

  41. I’m using fedora from fc17. I’ll waiting to use Fedora 22 from sri lanka. Thanks to all the people who involved in Fedora project.

  42. Walid


  43. rcarlos

    waiting for try/install version one.
    right on fellows 😉

  44. Philip

    this version of fedora is great.. il keep this for a year.. it feel snappy..

  45. gp

    Fedora 22 is one of the best release of Fedora. Using it from beta and it work perfectly.

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