Extra! Extra! Great feedback on Fedora 21 Beta

Last week we announced Fedora 21 beta, and the feedback so far is fantastic. Let’s take a look at some of the press coverage so far to see what folks are saying about the beta. Spoiler alert: There’s a lot of focus on the split into Cloud, Server, and Workstation.

InfoWorld was one of the first to cover the beta release with Serdar Yegulalp’s “Fedora 21 rolls three versions of Linux into one OS.” Yegulalp covers the proudct split in Fedora 21, with a focus on the Cloud and Server products.

PCWorld has really good coverage from Chris Hoffman, “One OS, three flavors: How Fedora 21 is splitting up to double down on focus.” Hoffman goes beyond a quick peek at Fedora 21 and takes a look at Fedora.Next, and talks to Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller.

The Register wouldn’t be El Reg without a little snark, but Gavin Clarke gives Fedora 21 Beta a fair shake with “Old hat: Fedora 21 beta late than never… and could be best ever.” Says Clarke, “this is shaping up to be perhaps the best Fedora release in quite some time.”

Some additional coverage of Fedora 21 Beta:

Overall, Fedora 21 Beta is getting really positive reviews, and the focus on Cloud, Server, and Workstation products is paying off. Final release is scheduled for December 9th, just a little less than a month away. Keep up the great work, Fedorans!

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  1. Leslie Satenstein

    A few small things (nits) are broken. I checked bugzilla.com (where the buglets (little bugs) are registered and they are in the potential to be worked on.

    Developers have one brain and two hands. When working on the priority deliverables, you cannot also drill down into the glitches of secondary products.

    No, Fedora 20 is still my choice. More of it works well.

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