Endless Sky now available on Fedora

Endless Sky is a 2D space trading and combat game similar to Escape Velocity. The game sets you as a beginning pilot, just having made a down payment on your very first starship. You’re given a choice between a shuttle, a freighter or a fighter. Depending on what ship you choose, you will need to figure out how to earn money to outfit and eventually upgrade your ship. You can transport passengers, run cargo, mine asteroids or even hunt pirates. It’s an open-ended game that blends the top-down action of a 2D space shooter with the depth and replayability of a 4X.



Endless Sky is available on Fedora 23, 24, and 25. To install on Fedora Workstation, open Software and search for it by name. Click on the entry for the game and the following view appears:


Click the Install button. Or, you can install it using dnf:

dnf install endless-sky

You can now run Endless Sky from within GNOME Shell. Open Activities in the top-left corner, then click Show Applications in the favorites dash on the left.

Endless Sky as a desktop app in Fedora GNOME

Get Involved

There are many ways to contribute directly to the Endless Sky project. The project has an extensive wiki outlining how to contribute art, missions, ships, etc.

Be sure to keep the Players Manual open; there’s a wealth of information in the manual. Happy flying!

Using Software


  1. Tomás

    Ese pago inicial en que consiste?

    • Luco

      ese pago es parte de la historia del juego. No es dinero de verdad.

  2. Gary Dorgan

    I don’t play a lot of games, but I’m always glad to see the things new open-source projects offer. Thanks for this, I will be checking it out

  3. Dave

    My kids found this running a live Solus end so I had it on my list to find for fedora. This magazine is one of the reasons we are using fedora at my house. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for this article!
    I’d love to see a second part explaining how to play it.

  5. Dave

    This doesn’t appear to be in Software, but dnf method works. Using F24.

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