Every day, people from all over the world work together to create and support new releases of Fedora. One of the many important tasks is QA, or quality assurance. The QA sub-project in Fedora helps test software updates and new versions of Fedora. This includes testing in Rawhide, the “constantly changing” branch of Fedora development, as well as the alpha and beta releases.

How to help with Fedora quality assurance

In the world of testing, test cases are used to test different parts of Fedora. The more testers available to follow these test cases, the easier it is to ensure the quality of the next Fedora release. The QA team is an important link in the chain of work that produces a Fedora release. The team often finds issues that otherwise would cause users headaches after a release.

Fedora QA team member Sumantro Mukherjee recently started a series on the Fedora Community Blog explaining how you can get involved. To learn how you can help test the future of Fedora, check out the first part of his three-part series below.

Getting started with Fedora QA (Part 1)