Best of 2018: Fedora for System Administrators

Continuing our round-up of the year’s best reads on Fedora Magazine, this stellar collection covers articles of particular interests to system administrators.

Fedora supports and includes some superb tools for System Administrators, and these picks really highlight what’s on offer.

How to reset root password

Many of us – sysadmins or otherwise – have faced this dilemma at one time or another. Misplacing the root password feels like game over, but it isn’t!

Curt talks us through exactly how we can regain control of our Fedora systems by resetting the root password.

How to reset a root password on Fedora

Configuring software repositories in Fedora

Changing the repositories your Fedora system gets its software from can be a little nerve-wracking. What if you update packages you didn’t want to update? How can you trust the new repo?

Fortunately, Paul shows us exactly how to add extra repos, and how to make sure we keep the versions we want to keep.

Configure software repositories in Fedora

F28 on the RasPi 3B+

In July, Sinny shared this fantastic article with us, giving a step-by-step guide to running Fedora 28 on a Raspberry Pi 3B+.

Raspberry Pi devices have spread around the world as an affordable and open system for both play and work – and with this guide, you can now install and configure your favourite distro on one in no time.

Fedora 28 on Raspberry Pi 3 B+

Using Ansible to set up a workstation

The incredibly flexible and powerful management tool Ansible was covered by Link in July. An essential tool for so many Sysadmins, Anisible allows for simplified and custom deployment, configuration, and management of Fedora and other Linux-based systems.

Link’s article introduces us to Ansible, and shows us how to get up and running with configuring and installing a workstation.

Using Ansible to set up a workstation


For System Administrators


  1. svsv sarma

    Yes. The Root pwd is a necessary evil. Auto login is ok. Once I forgot the Root pwd in the earlier stage and I had to reinstall fedora! Because I thought it to be straight forward and simpler. Then I saved the pwd in my phone, dairy, laptop and cloud. Since then no problem.
    A good and useful article indeed!
    However, forgetting the root password is silly! NOW.

  2. Please input methode region persian language to phone systems ????

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