Fedora Linux 39 is officially here!

Fedora Linux 39

Cover image by Daimar Stein

On November 6, 2003, the Fedora Project released the Fedora Core 1. One day and twenty years later, we’re pleased to bring you Fedora Linux 39, our complete, community-built operating system for desktops, laptops, servers, the cloud, edge devices — and just about anything else you can think of.

As always, you should make sure your system is fully up-to-date before upgrading from a previous release. Can’t wait to get started? Download while you read!

Desktop news

Fedora Workstation now features GNOME 45, which brings better performance and many usability enhancements, including a new workspace switcher and a much-improved image viewer.

If you’re looking for a different desktop experience, our Budgie Special Interest Group has created Fedora Onyx, a Budgie-based “Atomic” desktop in the spirit of Fedora Silverblue. 

Of course, that’s not all — we also have updated desktop flavors featuring KDE Plasma Desktop, Xfce, Cinnamon, and more.

In the cloud

Fedora Cloud images will be officially available in Microsoft Azure (in addition to Google Cloud and AWS). Also, our cloud images now are configured so that cloud-init can (at your option) install updates and reboot when first provisioned, so you know you’re running with our latest security updates.

Other updates

As always, we’ve updated many, many other packages as we work to bring you the best of everything the free and open source software world has to offer. Fedora Linux 39 includes gcc 13.2, binutils 2.40, glibc 2.38, gdb 13.2, and rpm 4.19. It also has updates to popular programming language stacks, including Python 3.12 and Rust 1.73.

Of particular note, we include the latest version of Inkscape, the popular vector graphics illustration and drawing tool. Inkscape also turned 20 yesterday — we’re digital twins! Congratulations to everyone in that awesome project as well.

In the unlikely event of a problem…

If you run into a problem, visit our Ask Fedora user support forum. This includes a category for common issues. (There are a few issues with Raspberry Pi in particular which we are still working to resolve. So if you’re planning on updating one of those, make sure to check first.) 

Or if you just want to say “hello”…

Drop by our “virtual watercooler” on Fedora Discussion and join a conversation, share something interesting, and introduce yourself.

You’re also invited to our virtual release party this Friday and Saturday. It’s free! And we’ll have interesting presentations and fun social events. Register here!

Thank you everyone

Thank you again to the thousands of people who contributed to the Fedora Project in this release cycle. You are amazing!

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  1. Seth Maurice-Brant

    It’s finally here!

  2. wangyz

    thanks for great working!

    • Ricardo

      Great day today, new fedora is released! Was waiting for it to wipe out my new laptop’s win11, and install this beauty. Thank you!

  3. Sean Redmond

    Can’t wait to install Fedora 39 workstation! Looks amazing!

  4. eltone

    Congratulations everyone and thank you.

  5. Kamil Páral

    Once again there’s a wrong common issues link. The correct one is:

    Please fix, thanks.

  6. szent

    Is the final download link correct?

    I downloading from the fedora website but the link is for the RC version of last week.

    • Some proxies might still be sync’ing the new content. Also, try pressing Ctrl-F5 to be sure you aren’t seeing a cached version in your browser.

  7. HaThanhNek


  8. david

    thanks all for the great job Fedora community is doing!

  9. Francisco Lopez Rojas

    Mil garcias, por ese extraordinario trabajo, eso es integracion de sociedada.

  10. Sumit Bhardwaj

    It seems the website is not updated yet, still showing Fedora 38 download links.

  11. Lovely cover image. Well done, Daimar.

  12. Richard

    Installing from the ground up and upgrading to 40 in a year!.

    Thank you all for this wonderful project.

  13. Niyaz

    Where is the Stable version of Fedora 39 still not showing in the website or anywhere
    only Beta version is available

  14. Keith

    Potential Bug
    HP 840G3
    Intel AX210 Wi-Fi card
    Fedora 38 works
    Fedora 39 does not work

  15. Ricardo Solano

    Great job, I’ve been using and installing fedora from scratch since fedora 11.
    Thanks fedora team.

  16. Thank you for the new version. It would also be great if we could make color and shape arrangements in Gnome like on the plasma desktop. Thank you fedora team.

  17. O melhor linux desktop <3

  18. Andreas Reschke

    Thanks all for the work.
    I’ve just updated my Pinebook Pro (aarch64).

  19. Alex

    Attention! During a clean installation of Fedora, the Windows bootloader was erased

  20. Amir Mustafa

    Not able to upgrade from 38 to 39, I am getting segmentation fault error after rebooting, system details shows that its fedora 39, but its not fully upgraded as the gnome is still 44.6 and not able to run dnf update command, it shows segmentation fault. Tried dnf distro-sync as well but it shows the following error.

    The operation would result in removing the following protected packages: setup

    Don’t know what to do

  21. Dani_L

    Why is there no link to the inplace upgrade procedure? maybe because it’s broken in the docs?
    1. One would expect it to be at https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fedora/latest/system-upgrade/
    2. Where it actually is: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/quick-docs/upgrading-fedora-offline/

    • It’d be a good thing to report to the documentation team. There is a bug report icon in the upper-right of the documentation page. Thanks.

    • Eduard Lucena

      This doesn’t look like an error. [2] it’s a meta document that had the link to [1].

      What it seems off in the [2] it’s the “Manual reinstallation” part. But that is a conversation for the docs team.

  22. Dave Hugh

    Thanks for all the good work to get us to this point. Just upgraded a workstation and two servers to 39 without an issue. I was monitoring the blockers and reading the go/no-go meeting logs leading up to this final release – enlightening to see just how much hard work goes into overcoming the hurdles preventing a release.

  23. abe

    IS The “end of support” in /etc/os-release correct ? (2025-05-dd)

    • Stan

      What do you get for these commands after doing a full update?

      $ rpm -q fedora-release-common

      $ egrep ‘^VERSION=|SUPPORT_END’ /etc/os-release
      VERSION=”39 (Workstation Edition)”

  24. Jim

    Thank you so much for again delivering us a great Fedora release!
    I couldn’t work and do my hobbies without your hard work.

  25. iysheng

    Congratulations for fedora39。

  26. Peter V. Daniels

    Great Stuff! It’s Just Fantastic! Currently reinvigorating my knowledge in programming and with the AI Chat Bots there is a huge bunch of information accessible for the little questions I have. The Fedora Magazine is Great too for a source of all things WS, SERVER, Coding, Cloud, Shell etc. Thanks to Fedora Team.

  27. benjamin


  28. Jorge

    Very high tech made simple. this deserves a huge congratulation!

  29. A surprisingly seemless upgrade. The first attempted. I usually do clean installs. Big thank you to the developers of the Fedora Project. I have used countless Linux Distros. Red Hat 9 was the first of many I used two decades ago. Fedora is my daily driver on an Apple MacBook Pro 2015, i7 Quad-Core 16GB RAM and a MeLE Mini-PC, Intel Celeron N5095 (JasperLake )Quad-Core, 16GB RAM. Both work very well under Fedora 38 and now 39.

  30. Grandpa Leslie Satenstein

    Grandpa Leslie here.
    Some 20 or slightly more years ago, I started with Fedora 0.9, which became Fedora 1. Over the years, I was never disappointed. I recall when Fedora 1 fit onto a 800meg CD, and then later, it needed a 1.2gig DVD. Today, I store the ISO onto a USB Frashdrive.

    I have been testing the Fedora 39 beta since it was released as Rawhide, some 3 months back. It has been an issue for me as Wayland was working, but then became an issue. Fortunately, with the most recent beta 39 update, Wayland is cured. Wayland is alive and well, And so are all the other great new improvements and programs being offerred.

    • James

      The network installer still fits on a 700MiB CD. I think it’s still important to deliver CD/DVD images. I for instance have a Computer that won’t allow me to boot from USB. Fedora does a good job altogether.

  31. Trung Le

    This is yet a great release from Fedora.

    I would like to report that it works perfectly on PowerPC64 LE architecture

  32. Updated today, 39 appears to be a solid release, and alo helped me resolve an issue had been having with apache that had been a show-stopper for me, but a little bit of testing of that fix now to see if 39 may become my daily driver.
    Wayland is running beautifully, as it has for me (in my getting-long-in-the-tooth PC) for some cosiderbale time with my Debian and my EndeavourOS systems and then more recently with 38.
    Fedora 39, on my initial but brief experience with it, looks like a system that can happily recommend when asked…

  33. Finally the official release. Thanks to all your hard work I use Silverblue 39 since beta with no issues on an ASUS laptop

  34. CRC

    If the animation on the new ‘improved’ image viewer gives you motion sickness, you can revert to the ‘Eye of Gnome’ viewer by doing a Right Click -> Open with and changing the file associations. This will use the familiar image viewer.

    You can also ask for that ‘improvement’ to be made optional here:

  35. Artsiom

    In the Gnome settings message: Disk capacity: unknown

    In the DISKs: intel ssdpeknw512g8h

    the flash drive created in Windows 11 by your media creation tool does not pass the check when loading by ~5% freezes, you have to boot without checking, it has been like this since version 36


    Checking since 20th October…

  37. Mehdi

    After upgrade, My system fails to load after logging.
    I don’t see f39 in boot menu.
    I see some “cups service failed” errors during boot up to the login screen.

  38. Phil

    Good morning and congratulations on a successful release!

    I could not find the procedure for update from 39 Beta to 39 Release.

    I ended up doing all of these in the following sequence:

    sudo dnf update
    sudo dnf update
    sudo dnf distro-sync
    sudo dnf upgrade –refresh

    Seems everything went OK! Nothing broke, although probably some of these are not needed.

    What is the proper way to upgrade Fedora from Beta to the Release?

    • A single “sudo dnf update ‐‐refresh” should have done it. It is best to run that from runlevel 3 if you are going to do it that way though (i.e. no running graphical environment, use “init 3” to get there).

      • Andrew

        It’s probably better these days to use SystemD to change the runlevel in case something gets missed by using the old init commands:

        systemctl isolate multi-user.target

        Is equivalent to “init 3”.

        Love it ot hate it, the push is towards more integration with SystemD in Fedora. I’m pretty ambivalent about it.

    • Stan

      If you are running the Workstation edition, the “Software” app* can be used. Just click on the icon in the dock and then click “Updates”.

      A restart is required if the kernel is updated.

      “gnome-software is an application that makes it easy to add, remove
      and update software in the GNOME desktop.”

      • Andrew Oliver

        The mirror and catalog for upgrade via the Software app hasn’t synced as yet for Australian downloaders as of midnight 9th November here.

        • Stan

          For anyone who is interested, the mirrors being used are listed in the metalink.xml files:

          $ find /var/cache -name metalink.xml

  39. Matthew Phillips

    Upgraded last night and have been loving it. Thank you for all your hard work! Great release.

  40. Finally waiting for you.

  41. TomsT

    Congratulations and thanks for everyone involved in pushing Fedora forwards all these decades! It has been a joy for me using it since I started at early “Spherical Cow” days.

    Is there anything new and exciting exclusively for KDE Spin? Or is Plasma on heavy LTS now until v.6 and Fedora 40?

  42. Bigcash

    I just got Fedora 39 KDE installed on my laptop and I’m enjoying it so far. I like to responsiveness of the Distro over Windows 11. I don’t really play games on laptops so I’m good with KDE Fedora 39. I lke KDE Fedora 39 because it’s faster and has more customization.

    • Paweł

      It’s smooth and fast unlike windows. I’m going to wipe out windows partition.

  43. Neto

    No hay duda es el mejor linux fedora

  44. John

    Hola Matthew, gracias una vez más, por el gran trabajo día tras día para darnos un sistema de escritorio real. En su opinión, para un usuario que no es ingeniero informático, ni programador o desarrollador, ¿cuál considera una mejor alternativa entre la estación de trabajo y el azul plateado?

    Thank you.

  45. John

    Hello Matthew, thank you once again, for the huge work day after day to give us a real desktop system. In your opinion, for a user who is not a computer engineer, nor a programmer or developer, what do you consider to be a better alternative between workstation and silverblue?

    Thank you.

  46. swallacertp

    Updated yesterday (Nov 8) and working well! Thanks for all the hard work getting this out.

  47. lemc

    The option for configuring the top bar, including its clock, has been removed from Tweaks. This is annoying, as displaying the weekday close to the date is very useful.

    • Matthias

      You can configure it in gnome settings -> date & time.

      • lemc

        Thanks! I really missed that. This is a good move, as it concentrates all interface settings under a single utility.

  48. Black Genius

    Well done, Fedora devs.

  49. …just gets better! Installed Fedora 39 on MacBook Pro 11,4 Mid-2015 Intel i7 HQ4770, 16GB RAM, 512 SSD. Happily sharing SSD with MacOS Mojave and Linux Mint 19.3 in a triple-boot menage-a -trois!!.
    Very good thermal management, stable so far and running kernel 6.5.11.
    Impressed. Cannot praise the Fedora development team enough.

  50. Face for Radio

    Best so far.

  51. Anonymous

    A week after release, updated to 39, everything’s smooth. I recommend to update.

  52. Great! Thank you all!

  53. don’t use it for production, F39 still has issues..

  54. Bazzi

    Great work.

  55. haris

    back to fedora after unknown journey in the linux world

  56. Tomasz Antczak

    In version 38 and 39 zenity works wrong. Command line “zenity –calendar” returns shifted +1 day and pointing at the last day of the month it crashes.

  57. Enzo Porfavorny

    Beautiful piece of work!

  58. A_normal_user

    For some reason F38 was very problematic in my laptop, and I moved to RHEL9. But F39 workstation vanilla works very well. Polish, simple, all works. Thank you for the work.

  59. Neto

    Every time fedora gets better and better in every aspect

  60. Brian

    Awesome release of the best Linux distribution for my needs. Thank you, team!

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