F22 release & upgrades, Flock & FUDCon

Fedora is a big project, and it’s hard to keep up with everything. This series highlights interesting happenings in five different areas every week. It isn’t comprehensive news coverage — just quick summaries with links to each. Here are the five things for May 28th, 2015:

Fedora 22 (as I hope is obvious by now)

I hope no one to whom this series is of interest has missed it, but it seems a little funny to cover Five Things in Fedora This Week without mentioning the big one: We released Fedora 22 on Tuesday. Again, thank you and congratulations to all of the amazing contributors who made this happen.

The annoucement here, and you can download from http://getfedora.org/.

Just one Beta → Final upgrade note

If you’re coming from an earlier Fedora release, follow the upgrade instructions on Fedora Magazine. If you previously installed the beta (or even alpha) release, doing a normal system update via Software (or from the command line with


) will get you up to the current, final release.

However, there is one thing to note. As Kevin Fenzi explains on his blog, the repository for test updates (those awaiting quality assurance before going out in the main updates stream) is enabled in the beta but disabled at the final release. This might mean that some of those in-testing updates are newer than expected, which can lead to some weird issues. Running

dnf distro-sync

will downgrade these possibly-problematic test packages — or, you can re-enable updates-testing, and help us make sure each of these gets looked at before release to the general public.

Ask Me Anything!

Social network/forum site Reddit has a tradition of “Ask Me Anything” posts, and I’m in the middle of one right now: I am Matthew Miller, Fedora Project Leader — ask me anything!. Of course, I hope everyone reading this knows that you can ask me anything at any time, but right now I’m making a special, formal thing of it.

(And, if you happen to know the answers to anything someone else is asking, don’t hesitate to chime in as well!)

Flock Registration

Flock is our big annual conference for project contributors, where we all get together and plan for and hack on the future of Fedora. This year, it’s August 12-15 in Rochester, NY. Attendence is free, but we do appreciate it if you register. There was previously a glitch with registration, so if you tried and were foiled, try again at https://register.flocktofedora.org/.

FUDCon India

In addition to Flock, which alternates between North America and Europe, we also have FUDCons — Fedora User and Developer Conferences — in Latin America and Asia/Pacific. The next of these is coming up soon, June 26-28 in Pune, India. Visit http://fudcon.in/ for updated information, including a list of accepted talks.

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  1. The new DNF version of yum extender core dumps if you look at it wrong, Packages gives no way of listing what is available, there seems to be no way to specify only native packages in any of these tools, in short, we seem to be left with no decent way to manage packages. Fedora badly needs something akin to synaptic in the Debian world.

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