5 applications to manage your to-do list on Fedora

Effective management of your to-do list can do wonders for your productivity. Some prefer just keeping a to-do list in a text file, or even just using a notepad and pen. For users that want more out of their to-do list, they often turn to an application. In this article we highlight 4 graphical applications and a terminal-based tool for managing your to-do list.


GNOME To Do is a personal task manager designed specifically for the GNOME desktop (Fedora Workstation’s default desktop). When comparing GNOME To Do with some others in this list, it is has a range of neat features.

GNOME To Do provides organization of tasks by lists, and the ability to assign a colour to that list. Additionally, individual tasks can be assigned due dates & priorities, and notes for each task. Futhermore, GNOME To Do has extensions, allowing even more features, including support for todo.txt and syncing with online services such as todoist.

Install GNOME To Do either by using the Software application, or using the following command in the Terminal:

sudo dnf install gnome-todo

Getting things GNOME!

Before GNOME To Do existed, the go-to application for tracking tasks on GNOME was Getting things GNOME! This older-style GNOME application has a multiple window layout, allowing you to show the details of multiple tasks at the same time. Rather than having lists of tasks, GTG has the ability to add sub-tasks to tasks and even to sub-tasks. GTG also has the ability to add due dates and start dates. Syncing to other apps and services is also possible in GTG via plugins.

Install Getting Things GNOME either by using the Software application, or using the following command in the Terminal:

sudo dnf install gtg

(Editor Note 2018-08-22: Since the article was published it became clear gtg has some issues in current Fedora. You may want to try a different app for the time being.)

Go For It!

Go For It! is a super-simple task management application. It is used to simply create a list of tasks, and mark them as done when completed. It does not have the ability to group tasks, or create sub-tasks. By default, Go For It! stored tasks in the todo.txt format, allowing simpler syncing to online services and other applications. Additionally, Go For It! contains a simple timer to track how much time you have spent on the current task.

Go For It is available to download from the Flathub application repository. To install, simply enable Flathub as a software source, and then install via the Software application.


If you are looking for a no-fuss super simple to-do application, look no further than Agenda. Create tasks, mark them as complete, and then delete them from your list. Agenda shows all tasks (completed or open) until you remove them.

Agenda is available to download from the Flathub application repository. To install, simply enable Flathub as a software source, and then install via the Software application.


Taskwarrior is a flexible command-line task management program. It is highly customizable, but can also be used “right out of the box.”   Using simple commands, you can create tasks, mark them as complete, and list current open tasks. Additionally, tasks can be tagged, added to projects, searched and filtered. Furthermore, you can set up recurring tasks, and apply due dates to tasks.

This previous article on the Fedora Magazine provides a good overview of getting started with Taskwarrior.

Install Taskwarrior with this command in the Terminal:

sudo dnf install task
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  1. Vipul Siddharth

    I use devtodo, and it’s straight forward, clean and easy to use.
    Will definitely try taskwarrior though.

  2. John

    No Zim Desktop Wiki? It is the most powerful note taker, todo list application. It has the capability to include tables, insert images, check boxes, stacks your documents from among other things.

  3. Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejér

    Do any of these tie into Nextcloud Tasks?

  4. Jack Perry

    I’m astonished that there is no reference to Kontact, which has a really nice to-do part.

    • Jorge

      Agree! Since most of the applications are part of the Gnome desktop environment, Gnome’s mail client Evolution shouldn’t be something to be ignored (maybe not a thorough description but a mention at least!)

  5. Pete Hurd

    There might be a todoist plug-in for Gnome To Do, but it doesn’t seem possible to actually add a Todoist account yet. 🙁

  6. Franco Bugnano

    I used to love Getting Things GNOME until Fedora 28, where I can no longer install it.

    Trying the command mentioned in the article, dnf reports an error that nothing provides python-liblarch_gtk needed by gtg-0.3.1-16.fc28.noarch

    That being said, Is Getting Things GNOME still maintained? Their website is down, and their last activity on GitHub is from 2015

  7. Charles

    Pity that “Getting Things Gnome!” will not install on Fedora 28 Workstation ( due to https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1573480).
    Otherwise great topic/article. Thanks!

  8. I’m fighting to decide if Todolist or Todo.txt is best for me. I like simplicity and both of these apps provide this and also the use the Terminal interface. I believe that Todo.txt was also once in a previous article on Fedora magazine.

    For further details visit :
    Todolist (http://todolist.site)
    Todo.txt (http://todotxt.org)

  9. For those that are using Taskwarrior there is a great Gnome-Shell plugin at https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1052/taskwarrior-integration/

  10. Alejandro

    I really liked Getting Things GNOME! It’s a shame that it’s still depends on python 2 and it doesn’t seem to be supported anymore (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1573480).
    That being said, I’m giving GNOME To Do and it’s really nice so far.

  11. Andrew

    I have recently started using todocli as a minimal (CLI) solution for the ToDo lists. This tiny text app has all what I was looking for. Please note that it is a Python 3 app, and dnf may not give you the latest version. I would recommend installing it via pip3. As the note taking application I use cherrytree for 5+ years, but I wanted something non-GUI (text), and this one with all its filtering (called “contexts”) and priorities perfectly fits my needs.

  12. No1isperfetc

    Task warrior has helper programs like bugwarrior to import tasks from software like bugzilla.

    There is also a CLI graphical todo called doneyet.

  13. horizonbrave

    to-do list? good but only if they come with a mobile version that you can carry on your smartphone!
    This is not a small detail… people are on the move 🙂
    Joplin accomplish that. Google Keep/to-do too (but has limitations)..
    Perhaps I confused the subject of the article which is to-do apps and not notes app 🙂
    Thanks for article 🙂

  14. Naheel

    Ever heard of emacs org mode?

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