The recent conference in Brno, Czechia is a great example of an event by and for developers and open source community members. Hundreds of speakers showed off countless technologies and features advancing the state of open source in Linux and far beyond. One of today’s most popular technologies is Ansible. Here’s a taste of how it was represented among the many excellent sessions at the conference.

Disaster recovery

Even the most careful system administrator, at some point, runs into the problem of recovering from a catastrophe. If you’re using oVirt to manage virtualization in your environment, you may be in luck, though. In this session, Maor Lipchuk shows you how Ansible eases the path to recovery through its powerful automation capabilities. View the session here:

OpenStack deployment on Kubernetes

If naming cool tech in your talk title is a contest, Flavio Percoco may have nailed the highest score. He makes the case that OpenStack services are analogous to other cloud based applications deployed in containers, and shows how to use Ansible to deploy OpenStack to Kubernetes. If this all sounds complex to you, watch as Flavio walks you through the concept and the practice:

Ansible 202

Are you already fluent in Ansible and looking for the next level of best practices? Juan Manuel Parrilla has just the session for you. He shows off some best practices gathered from observing how people are using (or misusing) Ansible in the field today. He talks about debugging strategies, how to make code more reusable, role tests, and much more. Check out his talk here:

Other videos and AnsibleFest

You can check out all the videos from 2018 at the official YouTube channel.

Also, don’t forget that the next AnsibleFest is being held October 2-3, 2018 in Austin, Texas USA. Do you want to know more about this conference that brings together the latest Ansible technologies, expert practitioners, and resources? For all this and more, including videos from past AnsibleFests, visit the AnsibleFest website.