December 2013

Ten Years of Fedora: Project Leaders Look Back

PSA on Upgrading to Fedora 20 Using FedUp

With the release of Fedora 20 yesterday, a number of users have discovered a bug with upgrading using fedup 0.7.0. Never fear, though: You can upgrade using fedup 0.8.0. Adam Williamson sent out a note to the test-announce mailing list… Continue Reading →

It Is Certain! Heisenbug Unleashed

Fedora 20, code-named “Heisenbug,” is available today, but don’t worry–it won’t disappear when you try to look at it. This release brings tons of new features paves the way for exciting work to come in future releases of Fedora. Let’s… Continue Reading →

Fedora 20 final status is a go

At the Fedora 20 Final Go/No-Go Meeting today, it was agreed to go with the Fedora 20 launch date by Fedora QA and Fedora Development. Fedora 20 will be publicly available on Tuesday, December 17, 2013. Fedora 20 Heisenbug will be ready… Continue Reading →

Fedora 20 Final Release Slipped

The Fedora 20 release will be delayed by at least one week, due to unresolved blocker bugs. The decision was made at the Go/No-Go meeting held on Thursday, 5 December. Jaroslav Reznik announced the slip later on Thursday. Before a… Continue Reading →

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