Fedora_logoWith the release of Fedora 20 yesterday, a number of users have discovered a bug with upgrading using fedup 0.7.0. Never fear, though: You can upgrade using fedup 0.8.0. Adam Williamson sent out a note to the test-announce mailing list today with full details:

So, here’s the news: do your upgrades to F20 with fedup 0.8, yo. It’s in
updates-testing for F18 and F19 at present, but will go to stable for
F19 tomorrow. If you’re upgrading from F18, you’ll need to pass
‘–nogpgcheck’ to fedup, because of
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1040689 .

If you did an unsuccessful run with fedup 0.7, then you can do:

mv /var/tmp/fedora-upgrade /var/tmp/system-upgrade
mv /var/lib/fedora-upgrade /var/lib/system-upgrade

before running fedup 0.8, to save it downloading all the packages again,
and make sure it cleans up nicely when it’s done. I’ve just tested this,
and it works.

If you’ve already done an unsuccessful run with fedup 0.7 and then a
successful run with 0.8, you may have files from the 0.7 run hanging
around in /var/lib/fedora-upgrade and /var/tmp/fedora-upgrade. It is
entirely safe and, indeed, advised to rm -rf these directories.

As always, many thanks to folks who have helped to test the upgrades and report problems. Happy upgrading!!