Fedora 20 Final Release Slipped

Fedora_logoThe Fedora 20 release will be delayed by at least one week, due to unresolved blocker bugs. The decision was made at the Go/No-Go meeting held on Thursday, 5 December. Jaroslav Reznik announced the slip later on Thursday.

Before a Fedora release (including alpha and beta releases) is approved, the project holds a Go/No-Go meeting to review existing and proposed blockers and decide whether the release is ready to ship or if the schedule needs to slip.

The next possible GA date is 17 December, pending the results of the Go/No-Go meeting to be held on 12 December (Thursday) at 17:00 UTC in the #fedora-meeting-2 channel on Freenode.

You can find the full logs and meeting minutes of the meeting for full details.

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  1. Bryce Hardy

    While I’m obviously disappointed at having to wait longer, F20 is turning into a much anticipated Christmas present. Thanks to all the great work going on and I know I for one am grateful that I use a distro that releases when it’s actually ready, not on an artificial schedule.

  2. Valentin Uveges

    I am glad that the fedora team are trying to provide a stable distro solution. It takes time and i understand that. I will gladly wait until fedora 20 is ready and approved to be deployed.

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