10 Years Ago: The Fedora Project was Announced

Today marks a major milestone for the Fedora Project, namely 10 years since Michael K. Johnson (the first Fedora Project Leader) announced (with tongue firmly in cheek) “the creation of the Fedora Project, a paradigm shift for Linux technology development and rolling early deployment models.”

The Fedora Project was created as a merger between the Red Hat Linux Project and the Fedora Linux Project. The Red Hat Linux Project was an effort to fill the gap left by the cancellation of the Red Hat retail product, after Red Hat decided to focus on its enterprise products. The Fedora Linux Project was a project started by Warren Togami to create 3rd party packages for Red Hat Linux until it merged with the Red Hat Linux Project. (You can also see the Fedora Linux Project’s announcement on the Wayback Machine.)

The first release of Fedora (then called Fedora Core) wasn’t until later in 2003, but today’s the day when users around the world first heard about the Fedora Project and the “new dawn” for Fedorans.

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  1. I’m using Fedora since about 7 years and I am very satisfied with this product. His friends often convinced they benefit just from the distribution. In my view, the community provides a lot of great security solutions, and is at the same time user friendly. Additionally, it has a number of applications that successfully substitute the known commercial.

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