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Fedora 21 Change Freeze occurs in two weeks

The Fedora 21 release is progressing, and in a recent email to the development list, Jaroslav Řezník (the Fedora Program / Schedule Manager) points out that we are a mere 2 weeks away from the Change Freeze milestone (scheduled for July 7th 2014).

This milestone marks the point in the Development of Fedora 21 at which all the planned and accepted changes for the Fedora 21 Release “should be substantially complete,
and testable”. Even though we are still months away from a release, this deadline is designed to give everybody a chance to test for, file and fix any bugs and issues with the release. It is also the point at which the release that will become Fedora 21 is branched from rawhide.


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  1. You know I have been using Fedora or Linux, specifically fedora but used plenty other distros but fedora since its inception you have been the best even better than MS in most instances keep up the good work, did not have anywhere to complement you, thanks a lot. Why this complement check fedora 16 gnome screen shots and MS W8 you will see why, you guys are leaders in innovation. Thanks a million times.