Hey Everyone,

It has been a while since we had a badge post, with getting ready for Fedora 21, Shellshock and getting planning started for Flock 2015, things have been very busy around the community.

I wanted to first highlight some of the new badges that are in a series. We all know about Wiki Editing. Helping out on a page or helping clean up old info out of pages counts as an edit.

I would like to present the new badges in the wiki editing series:

Chief Editor (250 Edits)

Grandmaster Editor (500 Edits)
Prolific! (1000 Edits)

Now to cover some of the new Tagger series badges. Tagging is an easy way to contribute to the project — you look at packages using the Tagger Web App and vote on the best tag that matches the package.

Chief Tagger (Tagger VI)
Voted on 3000 tags for packages in Fedora Tagger.

ZOMG Tagger (Tagger VII)
Voted on 5000 tags for packages in Fedora Tagger. Ridiculous!

Now for some badges that are not part of a series, since we are in the midst of Fedora 21 getting ready to launch I would like to start with this one:

Fedora 21 Change Accepted
You got a “Change” accepted into the Fedora 21 Change list

When preparing for Fedora, our readiness meetings let us determine where we are, with reports from all the different teams to make sure we are on par for our release. We have a badge for participating in this meeting


For the last one, I wanted to touch on the Software Freedom Day badge. Since Fedora and the Open Source Community in general is such an awesome place, getting an event together is worthy of a badge.

SFD Organizer
You helped to organize Software Freedom Day events!

There is a lot more in the works with badges, Check back for more upcoming news!