One of the things that I love most about the Fedora Project is how we work hard to be more inclusive to everyone, to create a more diverse and better community. (By the way, have you considered helping out our Diversity Team?)

Last month, we announced that due to popular demand, the folks at were releasing a brand-new Fedora T-Shirt. As awesome as that was, many people either don’t prefer or don’t feel comfortable in the more traditional “straight cut” style t-shirt. Not to worry — if you’re in that camp, the fine people at Unixstickers have you covered. They’ve now added the Ultimate Fedora Linux Woman’s T-Shirt to their lineup (a new “fitted” style shirt)!

For now, this one is only offered in white. However, the material and printing quality is just as great. And what’s more, they still throw in a cool Fedora sticker for your laptop. (Or other highly-visible surface!) And as always, their proceeds go to a different well-deserving free and open source software project each month. Now you can feel good while you look good, showing the world your favorite Linux distribution!

Check them out and pick one up today

Fedora T-Shirt (Fitted Style)

Fitted Style

Fedora T-Shirt (Straight Cut)

Straight Cut