Fedora Present and Future: a Fedora.next 2014 Update (Part III, “Governance, Progress, and More Ideas”)

This is part three of a series based on talks in February at DevConf in the Czech Republic. You should start with Part I, ”Why?”, particularly if your first response on reading this is to… ask why. That part covers… Continue Reading →

Five Things in Fedora This Week (2014-04-08)

Heartbleed and Fedora, Flock proposal voting, Gnome 3.12, Fedora.next website refresh, and Fedora at Red Hat Summit….

Five Things in Fedora This Week (2014-03-18)

Flock 2014 registration and call for talks, F21 features in progress, Ambassadors decide what to do with inactive members, planning the Fedora.next website, and KDE SIG talks Fedora Products.

Fedora 20 Status and GNOME Test Day Thursday

Adam Williamson posted yesterday about some upcoming test days and the status of Fedora 20. Today is virtualization test day, and if you’re interested in virtualization and have a little time to spare, you should grab the test day live… Continue Reading →

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