Say thanks during Fedora Appreciation Week (Nov. 5-11)

Say thanks during Fedora Appreciation Week 2018 (Nov. 5-11)

This year, the first-ever Fedora Appreciation Week will run from Monday, November 5th to Sunday, November 11th. Fedora Appreciation Week is an annual event organized by the Fedora Community Operations (CommOps) team. It’s a week-long event to celebrate efforts of Fedora Project contributors and to say “thank you” to each other.

This year, the Appreciation Week runs during the fifteenth anniversary of the Fedora Project. The Fedora Project has changed in many ways since 2003, but not the importance of our contributor community. This is a week to celebrate the friends, colleagues, and contributors who are part of this fifteen-year open source saga. Learn more about the event here.

How to participate?

Consider using one or many of the methods below to participate.

Write a Contributor Story

Contributor Stories are just that: the record of our best moments with our Fedora friends. The story can be about our work in Fedora, or something personal or unique you’d like to share with the community. Selected stories will be shared on the Community Blog every day during Fedora Appreciation Week.

See some examples, and consider writing one of your own.

Share your favorite community pictures

Share some of your photos with the community to be featured on the Community Blog and official Fedora social media in this thread.

Send a Fedora Happiness Packet

Happiness Packets are public or private notes of thanks you can send as emails to other contributors. The Fedora Happiness Packets website was created as part of GSoC 2018 and is based off of

Send one now!

Write your appreciation

There are other ways to write and share your appreciation for someone and what they bring to our community. If you’re not sure of a specific person, you can also tweet general appreciation of Fedora. Consider these ideas:

  • Write a blog post
  • Tweet a “thank you” at @fedora
  • Tweet a hat tip / thanks to another Fedora contributor with hashtag #WeAreFedora

You can also read more here on the Fedora Community Blog.

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  1. Thanks, developers! I’ve been using Fedora for about 3 years now and I’m very happy with it! It turned out to be the most suitable Linux distro to me. Quickly renewing and still not unstable (most of the time. Unstableless only concerns Bluetooth/Wifi 🙁 ).

    I would have liked to thank you on Mastodon ( but unfortunately there’s no official Fedora Mastodon account. Maybe you want to join a popular, decentralized FOSS Twitter alternative? 🙂 Would love to see that coming!

  2. Thanks to all contributors to Fedora.

  3. svsv sarma

    Thank you FEDORA. My hearty felt congratulations to the Fedora team, community, blogs, forums and all the users for making it stand out in Linux. Ever since I started using Fedora WS last year, I just couldn’t leave it and try another one. The more I use it the more I like it. I am a newbie for Linux, but could learn and bring Fedora to my liking fast. Thanks to the helpful Forums again. The most I like in Fedora is it’s uncompromising security and privacy on a robust build. Even in regressions during updates it never failed functionality!
    Now I am looking forward to the F29 and more.

  4. Norbert J.

    Many Linux distros are out there, but what makes Fedora outstanding for me is the combination of up-to-date and innovative software, good (of course not perfect) stability and a wide choice of live images and desktop environments.

    I think this can be only achieved by hard work and enthusiasm of many contributors and the support from an economically successful sponsor. I’d like to thank all involved in the Fedora project and hope that the excellent work can be continued for at least another 15 years. 😉

  5. Matt

    Thank you for making Fedora, thank you for writing this magazine and thank you for reminding us to thank you. It’s true we are thankful but don’t let you know most of the time 🙂

  6. Thanke You Fedora, from Florianópolis, Brazil.
    I use this incredible OS everyday and make my life better!

  7. salvatore tucci

    I have met at beginning the release 8 and used the 9 for a while. Few years ago I restarted with the release 21 with KDE. Now I am using the release 28 mounted on all my laptop and desktop. The younger machine is 12 years old.
    I am very happy except for the driver of the wifi card. Often at upgrade from one release to another I am forced to use the wired connection waiting for the correct driver. My card is a Broadcom BCM94321MC.
    I would like to thanks all the people who made the great success of Fedora.
    Best regards Salvatore
    Salvatore tucci
    Retired professor in Computer architectures
    Università di Roma (Italy)

  8. kulll

    thx for fedora <3<3<3

  9. Thanks Fedora !

  10. tux4me

    “Happiness Packet” is using “social media” which is not really in the same spirit as Open Source.
    (and you dont even inform about that forehand, but take it for granted that all use that stuff)
    I dont use or support that stuff, but are really extremely happy with Fedora, since FC5 !!

    Ive learned a LOT by using Fedora all these years and it contains everything i ever need !
    Even running native on RPI’s now, which made me learn about electronics too !! (thanks to arm dudes)

    Also it helped me to stay away from commercial mainstream stuff that is like a human virus, that seem to infect most people’s brains, to a point where even Fedora promote it.

    In one hand we dont want patents and licenses, but in the other hand we gladly give all our private data, and ours friends data too, to the world worst commercial people, that will exploit it, and sell it with no regards to anyone !
    Why bother with a firewall anymore ? hehe

    (just saying) 😀

    • Happiness Packets are true open source (see the site) — hosted on GitHub with a free software license. So they don’t capture private data, either. Sorry you’re not a fan of social media, but glad you’ve learned a lot from Fedora. Enjoy.

  11. I start with Debian, Gentoo, etc lang time ago.
    The Fedora distro is the most updated and flexible distribution for now.
    I think you can do more into development and implementation area.

  12. I’ve been using Fedora since it was forked from RedHat9! I’ve often been told that “*nux can’t do this or that” but thanks to the global development group, I am not restricted by choosing an open OS.

  13. Marcos Escobedo

    Thank you very much Fedora team!! <3

  14. Jeremy K

    Thanks to everyone at Fedora and all you all have done. Best distro out there imo..

  15. Jakfrost

    Thank you to all of the contributors of the Fedora Project over the years. It has truly been a transformative journey as a user of long standing. There were/are some high quality people lending their time and knowledge to making this Distro stand out, and most importantly work. They deserve our recognition and appreciation for their efforts, all of them have mine.

  16. Jeremy K

    Thanks to everyone @Fedora and for all you do. A very top notch system indeed.

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