New Chromium Builds for Fedora 20 available

Tom ‘Spot’ Callaway just announced that a new chromium build (chromium-35.0.1916.114-4.fc20.x86_64) for Fedora 20 x86_64 are now available from his custom repo. Chromium is the open source web browser that Google’s Chrome is based on, and is currently not available in the official Fedora repositories (check out Spot’s previous post as to the reasons why).


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  1. Lovely! I know we’ve got issues making Chromium, Blendet & Inkscape default apps for Fedora, but these will further solidify Fedora’s Desktop features. Too many test or debut apps makes the OS vulnerable & unstable. Fedora is home to cutting edge technologies but it is also a superb Home, Workstation or Production Platform for core developers. My opinion. Fedora all the way!

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