Netflix streaming comes to Chrome for Fedora

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you’ve probably tried to stream video on Linux systems like Fedora. And as with many for-pay services, your experience varied. As of the latest Google Chrome browser release, though, your troubles are over.

On modern Fedora, using the latest Google Chrome browser, Netflix viewing “just works.” You do need the latest stable update of the nss package, but if your Fedora system is up to date, you’ll already have that. Note that, as of this writing, Netflix streaming does not work on the Chromium browser.

You can download the Chrome browser for free here.


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  1. williamjmorenor


    No more Windows Virtual Machine to can view a Movie in Netflix 🙂

  2. Moritz

    Though I think I know the answer, do be so kind to elaborate on what the difference between Chromium and Chrome (and browsers using Chrome’s engine, such as Opera) is, concerning this matter.

    • Chromium does not include some of the plugins and libraries needed to support Netflix, because unlike Chrome, it is 100% free and open source. Some users choose Chromium specifically for this reason, so I wanted to be clear that it wouldn’t work in the same capacity out of the box.

  3. zcat

    Looks like the user-agent “hack” is no longer necessary anymore either. Just works.

  4. Fred

    Why would any Linux user want to negate all of it’s privacy and security benefits, by using Chrome?

    • Judging by my experience observing users all over the world, many do. This article is for them, and I expect users will continue to choose the applications that are useful and comfortable for them.

  5. Roger H.

    Used ‘fedy’ to install chrome, must be the latest, fired up Lewis Black on Netflix. Thanks. As far as I’m concerned Fedora turned around for the better with Paul Frields at the helm. It became a really useable product. I’ve been with Fedora since Red Hat 8.

    • This was a very kind comment, but the credit goes to the many people working on Fedora and FOSS behind the scenes. Glad you’re happy with Fedora, and I hope you continue to enjoy it in the future as we make further improvements!

  6. ronnie

    Google will do anything to get more people to spy on. This reminds me of the van next to the playground offering candy.

    • Jack

      @ronnie. I totally agree. And it’s very sad, that there’s no way to run netflix on any open source browser like Firefox, konqueror … well anythign of that sort. Using Google’s spyware on Fedora feels so wrong. Then again, there’s no Netflix in my country anyway 😉

  7. Stephane A.

    Without support for HiDPI, Chrome is just unusable in my Dell Precision m4800 (QHD 3200×1800). But, I’ll install it and use it as a Netflix player 🙂

  8. TonyBEn

    Awesome. Love Centos 7 already

  9. Bob Tennent

    Worked for months. But today all I get is a black screen.

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