Manage your partitions like in anaconda with blivet-gui

Fedora developer recently announced blivet-gui a new storage and partition manager for Fedora using blivet — the backend library used for managing storage in the Fedora installer (Anaconda).

The tool is currently in early development, but current features already include a Visual representation of storage devices and how they are partitioned, the ability to create, edit and delete disk partitions, LVM2 support, encryption (LUKS) support.

Another super neat feature is the ability to stage up disk partition changes, write them to a kickstart file, and use it when you install using kickstart.

blivet-gui is currently available for testing and review from the blivel-gui COPR repository.



Fedora Project community


    This going to be a massive for our end-users…

  2. This was the missing piece of software to replace the suddenly discontinued system-config-lvm.
    It seems to need some work in validating wrong user input, but when it is good it works pretty well and intuitively. The GUI design is also nice.

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