Today is the last day to get your votes in for the speeches at Fedora Flock

Here is the link in case it has gotten lost in your email.

Flock 2014 Sessions voting

Flock is a conference where Fedora contributors can come together, discuss new ideas, work to make those ideas a reality, and continue to promote the core values of the Fedora community: Freedom, Friends, flock-logo-bgFeatures, and First. The second Flock conference will be held August 6th through the 9th in Prague, Czech republic. These talks and workshops have been submitted by the Fedora community and we want the Fedora community to tell us what _you_ want to see! Even if you cannot attend Flock in person, these sessions will be streamed and recorded, so your vote is appreciated!

Information on Range Voting

Fedora Project has implemented Range Voting for this election, in particular the “Range (score-summing, blanks treated as zero score, no quorum rule)” range voting system. To cast your vote in this election simply select a value between 0 and 128 with 0 as ‘least or no preference’ and 128 as ‘highest preference’. At the end of the election, the highest ranking candidate(s) are marked as the winners. For more information about Range Voting, visit the Center for Range Voting.