Just play videos with Snappy on Fedora

Snappy is a minimal application that does one thing — plays videos. Snappy is a super-minimal video player with a neat on-screen display, and that’s about it, here is no other interface in the application. Snappy has no library feature that keeps all your videos, no list of previously played videos, no menus, not even a open video dialog — to play a video, you either tell a video to open in snappy via your file browser or drag and drop a video file to the snappy window. Snappy is also built on the GStreamer framework, so it will support any files that you have GStreamer plugins for.

To install Snappy on fedora, find it in the Software application, or use the command line

sudo yum install snappy-player



Fedora Project community


  1. ReD

    It would be a perfect little program if the volume slider was easier to operate and if it was possible to use a double-click within the video to go in and out of full-screen mode.

  2. Ionut

    The volume slider is really difficult to use. I’ve tried to play an mp4 and it failed, so for this time I will still stick with vlc.

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