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Since its beginnings, the Fedora Project has used the freenode IRC network for our project communications. Due to a variety of recent changes to that network, the Fedora Project is moving our IRC communications to Libera.Chat.

If you are a current IRC user, please go and register your nick(s) on Libera.Chat ( ) and rejoin the #fedora related channels you wish to. You can take this opportunity to choose a new secure password and make sure you are connecting via SSL. There is good documentation about choosing an IRC client at

If you are a Matrix user, we ask for your patience as we get bridges setup on the new network. If you were joined to rooms via the generic freenode bridge, you will need to leave them and rejoin the fedora rooms in matrix (which will be plumbed with the Libera channels)

As of 2021-05-28 our official IRC presence is on

Many Fedora channels have moved over and are ready on Libera.Chat. However, less-used channels have not be automatically setup. If you need a specific #fedora-* IRC channel setup, please file a ticket at requesting the channel.

New channels should have the same name as they did on freenode. For example: #fedora, #fedora-admin, #fedora-devel, and #fedora-join.

If you would like a fedora IRC ‘cloak’ you can request it at:
(an IRC cloak obfuscates your client host address and shows ‘fedora’ instead). Please note that cloaks are not foolproof, there are ways for people to still get your IP, but they do make it more difficult for people to obtain your IP.

Also, look for upcoming exciting announcements around Fedora’s Matrix presence.

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  1. Eduard Lucena

    The registering link is not a link (I mean, is not broken, it’s just text instead of a link)

  2. Al Dunsmuir

    It appears that #fedora-mate was not moved over to Libera.Chat

  3. Yeeun

    What was the reason for the move? Freenode gets used by the OpenSource community for 23 years now.
    Did some political extremist snowflake get offended by something again?

    • Olaf

      The owner of Freenode Ltd. has taken over the irc network. The old staff did not like this. It is questionable, in my opinion, if Freenode Ltd. legally owns the network. It would be expensive to litigate and figure this out. So the old freenode staff, volunteers mostly, have quit Freenode and have started Libera.Chat.

      The new administrators of Freenode have taken control of hundreds channels from certain open source projects (e.g. Ubuntu, Gentoo, Wikipedia Foundation). Many of which were thinking or planning to move to another network. So many open source projects, either by forced or by choice, are moving from Freenode.

      Fedora has decided to make the move as well. I believe Fedora has had a good relationship with the old Freenode staff, so they have moved to Libera.Chat. Some projects are moving to OFTC or abandoning IRC entirely.

  4. tatata

    On the top of the message i see

    Posted by <a href=”” title=”Posts by Nick Bebout” class=”author url fn” rel=”author”>Nick Bebout</a> on May 27, 2021

    Instead of “Posted by Nick Bebout on May 27, 2021”.

    Sorry if i spammed, UI is a bit awkward to me (qutebrowser).

  5. I vastly prefer Freenode. I will continue to frequent the one on Freenode.

  6. Ryan still has freenode listed in the IRC section btw

  7. A description of the nitty gritty with server status here:

  8. Ralf Seidenschwang

    How is it in the chat? Is there much activity?

  9. tijuco

    I tried to go through the process to get a Fedora cloak, but apparently this is not a thing for end-users, only for those who contribute to the project, right?

    • ralf4724

      How to get a cloak is not clear to me. In the link you provided in the article, all requests had been made from contributors. All of the users until used email addresses with an “internal” domain part.

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