Inkscape pre-release now available for Fedora

Inkscape, the open source vector (SVG) editor is currently in the process of releasing a major update and their first pre-release version is now built and available for Fedora via COPR. Enable the COPR if you want to try out the new release, and be sure to file any bugs with the inkscape upstream.


The last major release of Inkscape was nearly 3 years ago, so this upcoming inkscape release features a multitude of bugfixes and enhancements, includingbig performance improvements and new tools. The inkscape tutorials blog also has a series of posts outlining some of the awesome new features in this release.

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  1. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

    Thank you. Shocked when know that Inkscape is already 0.91 now.

    • Yeah, the previous release was 0.48, the inkscape upstream decided to jump up to 0.91 for this release, with a push to making it version 1.0 in the next few releases.

  2. Ryan, thanks for putting this together — I use Inkscape fairly regularly, though not at a terribly high level.

    I got “jumped in” to it through the OpenShot video editor, and I’d like integrate it into more of my design work.

    The text-tool enhancements are something I’m looking forward to.

    • Glad the builds help!

      I do love that feature in openshot to edit straight in inkscape 🙂

  3. Awesome! Any idea when this is reaching Win users?

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