GNOME 3.28 released & coming to Fedora 28

Last week, The GNOME project announced the release of GNOME 3.28. This major release of the GNOME desktop is the default desktop environment in the upcoming release of Fedora 28 Workstation. 3.28 includes a wide range of enhancements, including updates to Files (nautilus), Contacts, Calendar, Clocks and the on-screen keyboard. Additionally, the new application Usage is added to “make it easy to diagnose and resolve performance and capacity issues

The new Usage application in GNOME 3.28

The new Usage application in GNOME 3.28

Application Updates in GNOME 3.28

GNOME 3.28 provides updated versions of many of the GNOME default applications. The ability to “star” items is added to both the Files and the Contacts applications. This allows the user to star an item — be it a file, folder, or a contact — for quick access later. Calendar now provides a neater month view, and weather updates displayed alongside your appointments.

screenshot of the updated Calendar application in GNOME 3.28 with weather forecasts built in

Updated Calendar application in GNOME 3.28 with weather forecasts built in


Updates to Cantarell

Cantarell is the default interface font in both GNOME and Fedora Workstation. In this updated version of GNOME, Cantarell is refreshed, with updated glyph shapes and spacing. Additionally, there are two new weights: light and extra bold.

Specimen of the new Cantarell in GNOME 3.26

Specimen of the new Cantarell in GNOME 3.28

Read more about this release

There are many more changes and enhancements in this major version of GNOME. Check out the release announcement and the release notes from the GNOME Project for more information. Also, check out this awesome rundown of the best new GNOME 3.28 features from OMGUbuntu.

Screenshots in this post are from the GNOME 3.28 Release Notes

New in Fedora


  1. Angelo Lisco

    If you pay attention to the first screenshot, the fact that “Usage” is using 24% of the cpu it’s pretty hilarious to me. How can I “diagnose and resolve performance and capacity issues” if the tool I’m using to troubleshoot the problem will cause a steady cpu usage spike?

    • @Angelo: Usage is a new application that is a technology preview. That means it may be rough around the edges. Read the GNOME 3.28 release notes and you can learn more about it, such as this gem: “More Usage features are planned for the future, including the ability to investigate network, power and data usage.” Be patient, or better yet, help the GNOME community test and refine it.

  2. Maimela

    i’m always happy to see the development that’s taking place. can’ t wait to use the updated Fedora

  3. John

    Just upgraded to F27 from F24, first time running full Wayland. Awesome is all I can say. Doing about 95% in linux now.

  4. Be

    Will GNOME 3.28 be available for Fedora 27?

  5. Gabriel

    Last image’s subtitle is supposed to say GNOME 3.28, not 3.26 (I guess).

  6. Leslie Satenstein

    I have the beta1.3 release candidate.
    Where is the option to put the home folder, trash can and mounted drives onto the desktop?

    Now, to view the home folder, it takes three mouse clicks instead of one.
    (open favourites, find nautilus and click on nautilus, and then search for and find the home folder.)

    I hope that this feature is restored for go-live

  7. Leslie Satenstein

    On other sites I posted a workaround that mostly covers the sad decision to eliminate /home, /mounted and TrashCan from the desktop.

    So far, that solution follows Gnomes’s rules for use of the favourite bar, the panel at the foot of the screen, and a few launcher (xxxx.desktop) objects.

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