Flock 2015 bids are in — choose between Cape Cod, Rochester, Colorado Springs, or Salt Lake City

Even though Flock 2014 just wrapped up mere weeks ago, the planning has already begun in preparation for Flock 2015. Flock is the annual conference where Fedora users and developers from all around the world meet up to hack and plan for the future of Fedora.

There have been 4 locations proposed for Flock 2015 — Cape Cod, Rochester, Colorado Springs and Salt Lake City. The Flock Planning Committee is also asking for feedback from the community on which location people want to visit, so me sure to check out the breakdown of each bid, and then vote here.


City Photos sources:

Pikes Peak Colorado Springs Alpen Glow

My Town, Rochester NY

Cape Cod sunset

Salt Lake City, May 2012

Fedora Project community


  1. Doran Barton

    Salt Lake City would be awesome. The Utah Open Source Foundation would probably help in any way we can. We put on the annual Openwest open source conference in May that attracts 1200+ attendees and are working with The Perl Foundation to put on YAPC::NA in 2015.

  2. Colorado Springs is one of the most beautiful cities in the US. A comparatively small city with incredible access to the Rocky Mountains, and a thriving tech scene.

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