Final Term is a new breed of terminal emulator that is currently in development, and now available for Fedora users to try out and test via this COPR repo.

Note that Final Term is under heavy development, and is neither stable or finished.


screencast of Final Term from

However, Final Term does contain a bunch of interesting features that make this new terminal emulator very interesting, including:

  • inline context menus for items. For example, if the user does a “ls” command, the filenames that are outputted can be clicked and acted upon. want to edit that file with vi? simply click on it in the terminal, and choose “edit with vi”
  • command completion. when typing out a command, Final Term provides a drop-down of previous items typed, and filters them down as you type.
  • reflow. Final Term reflows terminal output when the window is resized.

Be sure to check out the Final Term website for a list of all the innovative features that this terminal emulator has and is planning.