FedoraShareYourScreen week (F35)

Photo by Nicolas Gonzalez on Unsplash

The Fedora Project, through the Marketing team, is happy to announce the first FedoraShareYourScreen week!

We know that even though the stock look of Fedora Linux is awesome, most people love to tweak and adapt their systems to their own workflow. We want to see how your Fedora Linux desktop looks.

FedoraShareYourScreen week

  • Share your screen with us! Take a screenshot of your desktop and share it. Use the hashtag #FedoraShareYourScreen and mention @fedora on Twitter or @thefedoraproject on Instagram. For Mastodon, just use the hashtag. Avoid showing personal and private info.
  • If you use a full Desktop Environment, just a Window Manager, or just the command line, we want to see how it looks! Share your favorite apps, configs, plugins, widgets and everything on your desktop (including your favorite wallpapers if they are SFW 😉).
  • At the end of the week we will be publishing a slide show on YouTube with all the screens collected during the week! Keep it Family Friendly, inappropriate content won’t be included in the video.

Feel proud of your customization and show it to us! From January 31st to February 6th we will be looking, commenting and sharing feedback on the screenshots shared with the hashtag #FedoraShareYourScreen on Twitter, Instagram and Mastodon!

When is this week?

It will start this on January 31st and it will end on February 6th. We will collect all the screenshots on February 7th and the slide show will be published on February 10th.

Will this happen again?

Of course! We want to see everyone’s ideas with all the new stuff that Fedora Linux adds each release. We will be doing this in the middle of each Fedora Linux release. This will give everyone time to customize the desktop and show it in all it’s shininess!

Fedora Project community


  1. Heliosstyx

    It’s a little bit strange, that this event will only take place on the above mentioned services. What’s about the Fedora user services itself?

    • We are trying to reach our large user base, not only our contributors, that’s why we decided to go to the common places where people hang around.

  2. Costa

    That’s a great initiative to engage users and maybe open the devs mind to understand that people want their desktop to look nice, Not Vanilla.

  3. Shy

    Why are you encouraging us to use evil closed source, PII-harvesting, Facebook-owned social media instead of Mastodon, Diaspora, etc.?

    • We are trying to reach our large user base, not only our contributors, that’s why we decided to go to the common places where people hang around.

      • Shy

        Well I went and took a screenshot of my Fedora screen and put in my IG feed with the ht and mentions described in the OP. I guess I’m evil too.

  4. Marc

    At first sight I thought this was the announcement that zoom and MS teams finally support screen sharing…. Well, I still have dreams

    • Martin

      You can switch from Wayland to X to solve this issue easily. If you are fine not running Wayland.

      • laolux

        Stick with wayland, screen sharing works for me when using zoom on chromium. I think it might work with firefox now, too, but have not tested recently. No experience with MS teams.
        jitsi works with both, firefox and chromium.

      • Marc

        sure. Or big tech starts taking Linux seriously, and not just throwing together half finished software and make press meetings saying “we love linux”

        • Dan

          True. I use the desktop Zoom app, didn’t work as of like a week ago, had to move to X about a month ago since I wanted to finally get to update to F35.

  5. Isaiah

    Hi is there anyway to participate if you don’t have social media?

  6. null_pointer_00

    Instagram, Twitter? Really?

  7. Fred Weigel

    All right, all right, all right…

    I use Fedora 35 with Gnome. I use X11 (because Wayland doesn’t do this).
    I have install xwinwrap (from rpmsphere)

    I then picked a nice fireplace loop from the internet.

    nice -n 15 xwinwrap -un -s -st -sp -b -ni -fs -nf -o 1.000000 — mplayer fireplace.mov -quiet -noconsolecontrols -loop 0 -wid WID >/dev/null 2>&1 &
    echo $! >/tmp/movie_bg

    (note that I did not have good results with -ov or -ovr flags but the above
    command does work — note that xwinwrap replaces WID with the window id, which mplayer accepts as the window to draw into. mpv has option –wid, totem cannot as far as I know be used for this. A question for Wayland people: is this available with Wayland as well? ).

    This will put a fireplace video onto my root window (background). I then do

    nice -n 15 mplayer Fireplace.ogg -quiet -noconsolecontrols -loop 0 >/dev/null 2>&1 &
    echo $! >/tmp/audio_bg

    to add audio to the video. So, I get a fireplace in the background.

    Not going to bother with trying to capture the effect — tech savvy user should be able to replicate…

    I also do this with a beach loop, a rain loop, and a snow loop. I use the argos extension to create an “Active Backgrounds”. As well argos (gnome desktop extension – gnome-shell-extension-argos.noarch) , is used to provide fan/temperature, other timezones, Power consumption for laptop and other little scriptable features.

    I don’t have time to proselytize for Fedora or Gnome. I find that, in general, Fedora provides a good Operating Environment for my needs. And, given the information I have provided here, someone else can package this and provide the experience. Maybe even get it working with Wayland.

  8. Darvond

    So I take it a submission here in the comments uploaded via Imgur or something would be a writeoff?

  9. Mark

    I don’t use the social media sites mentioned, but my Fedora Desktop is Gnome with the Fedora 26 wallpaper (I love that wallpaper)…Even when I used Parabola in the past, I always use the Fedora 26 wallpaper.

  10. Mark

    I agree…I switched to Linux to avoid non-free software.

  11. I must admit this was a bit of an anticlimax. I clicked on this article to read about how the problem of screen sharing has finally been solved on Wayland.

  12. Trust Gsm Albania

    Unfortunately i do not use Instagram neither Twitter

  13. Eduard

    I wont use Instagram or Twitter… I didn’t use them even before I switched to Linux and Fedora. Such a disappointment to see that kind of initiative. There is other ways to promote Linux/GNU/free-software.

    • null_pointer_00

      Although Fedora Linux is the best distro from my point of view, the same can’t be said about the Fedora Project, Community or whatever the call themselves. They ought to rethink about their principles because they seem to have lost their way, as former articles praising the wonders of Visual Studio Code, PowerShell scripting, attacking renown members of the FSF and others that I can’t remember right now demonstrate.

      • Hi Null Pointer.

        Thanks for the feedback. I think your disagreement might be more with me personally (Gregory Bartholomew) than with the Fedora Project in general if your complaint is that articles are being allowed through to publication on Fedora Magazine that you don’t think should be allowed. As an editor for the magazine, one of my main responsibilities is to approve or disapprove article ideas. In general, I like to let the magazine be as “community driven” as possible and I will let through almost anything that is FOSS and that works on/with Fedora Linux. I will take opinions voiced by other community members into account though. If you (or others) want to way in on what does or does not get published, the place to do so is on the Discourse forum where article ideas are submitted. Just follow/watch the Fedora Magazine workflow on the forum and speak up if you see something that you think should be rejected.

        Here is a recent example of something that was rejected: Install and run .deb packages using toolbox

        And here is a recent example of something (controversial) that was allowed through: homebrew

  14. Artur

    Maybe we should promote hashtag e.g. #FedoraShareYourScreenFriday and share desktop screenshot every Friday in any social media. What do you think?

  15. Yannick

    Hi, where is the slide show ? I cannot find it.

    Best regards

    • CKorrodi

      Hi, same here I try to find it in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and here.

      Nothing yet

  16. still regolith is the best way
    why not on fedora!

  17. Mehdi

    Is the video from screenshots created yet?

  18. John

    It’s 24 now, still not yet?

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