Fedora Podcast is back

The Fedora Community with the Marketing Team has brought back the Fedora Podcast! We have a new and improved editing workflow that remains completely FOSS. We also have a new host joining us, Grayson! He’s known as computerkid around the community, uses Fedora Linux, and loves the awesome Fedora community.

What’s new?

Aside from the big news about our new host, we also want to announce the new website https://podcast.fedoraproject.org, thanks to the collaboration of the Fedora teams: Infra, design, websites and marketing.

We are so excited to announce that the Fedora Podcast is joining the Destination Linux Network as a collaborative effort to spread the word about all things Fedora!

Destination Linux Network, or DLN, is a media network designed to bring passionate creators to promote Open Source and Linux so because of this, DLN is a perfect fit for the Fedora Podcast.

Plus if you want some more awesome content, be sure to check out https://destinationlinux.network to subscribe to all of the other great podcasts on DLN.

The new season

To kick off our second run we are going to talk with Ben Cotton, the Fedora Program Manager, who edits the blog and magazine. In addition we’ll speak with Timothée Ravier of Fedora Kinoite, and cover some news! In Season 2 we want to have an extra focus on the amazing things that Fedora Project makes outside of our awesome distro.

Contact us

We are always looking for your feedback to improve, and there are several ways to help! You can send us email at podcast@fedoraproject.org, you can write on our forum, or join us on matrix #fedora-podcast:matrix.org. Join Eduard and Grayson at https://podcast.fedoraproject.org, or where ever you get your podcasts.

Get the podcast!

You can find the Fedora Project Podcast with our RSS feed, or you can find it on:

And more! Just search “Fedora Project Podcast” on your favorite podcast client.

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