Fedora 26 Alpha available now

The Fedora Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Fedora 26 Alpha. The Alpha release is an important milestone towards the Fedora 26 release later this year.

You can download the Alpha versions of Fedora 26 Workstation and Fedora 26 Server from the pre-release pages of the Get Fedora website. Pre-release versions of the Fedora Spins, Fedora Labs, and Fedora for ARM are also available.

Fedora 26 Alpha Workstation

Fedora 26 Alpha Workstation

Fedora Alpha releases are provided for Fedora users to try out the upcoming release. More importantly, Fedora engineers want you to file bugs against the upcoming release. The Fedora 26 Changeset page on the Fedora wiki provides a list of new features provided in Fedora 26.




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  1. antikythera

    Nice to see the new LXQt spin available for F26.

  2. This posts lacks the ever important reminder that this shouldn’t be used on a production system! Use a secondary device or at least install to a secondary harddrive when testing an alpha or beta release.

  3. Richard

    Why Problem Reporting (gnome-abrt) is not shipped with this version? I had to install it manually…

  4. Claude

    For now, I would like to get that beautiful background !

    Any link ?

  5. Haluk

    I could not see mate spin? What happened to mate spin? Did you guys quit developing mate spin? If so, this is really sad 🙁

    • antikythera

      the official alpha compose for mate and cinnamon failed but neither have been abandoned, they are available though as nightlies. head to spinsdotfedoraprojectdotorg. click on the test it now link and scroll down to the bottom section of the page. you’ll find mate and cinnamon there.

  6. hcmeyer

    I am running f26 from a flash drive, it is erratic and slow, BUT IT WORKS ! After I get tired of fooling around, I will install it for real. Maybe after 2nd Alpha.

  7. Mr E

    Writing this from Alpha 26, and looking good! Be sure you “dnf update” after install, still tons of improvements to be had after a fresh install.

  8. Mahmoud

    Can i upgrade from Fedora 25 (Cinnamon) to 26 Alpha?

  9. N.Rama

    I had system wide sound failure on Fedora 26A,a problem attributed to pulseaudio 10. I blocked upgrade from 9 to 10 on Fedora 25.

  10. Tony Rawlings

    I am just an end user, and I think Fedora 25 is the best. Installed 26A on another desktop and have not had any problems.

  11. andrej

    F26 is nice, in fact I am writing this from F26 live xfce iso running in the qemu on my main fedora workstation.

  12. Jeff

    This is an excellent Alpha release. There are a couple of bugs in MATE but nothing major.

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