The Fedora 20 GA release for the IBM System z is here. This time again
a few weeks later than the primary release mainly because of me being
on vacation (again :-)) during the December holidays. The difference to
primary Fedora is this time a bit larger than it was in Fedora 19 for
various reasons. For example some packages now exclude non-x86
architectures even when they built just fine for earlier Fedora
releases. We would therefore welcome feedback about packages that work
just fine on secondary arches so that upstream projects would be more
willing to include our secondary architectures as supported.

The links to the actual release are here:

and obviously on all sites that mirror the secondary arch content and we
still have few 🙂

The first directory contains the normal installation trees as well as
one DVD ISO with the complete release.

Everything as usual contains, well, everything. 🙂

For general Fedora documentation please check this link.

Additional information about known issues
The current progress and state for future release, where and how the
team can be reached and just anything else Fedora on IBM System z
related can be found here:

For architecture specific release notes, please read it as there are
changes in the interactive installation process. It’s a wiki so don’t
hesitate to add your knowledge there. You can find useful information
also in the previous release notes linked from the current ones.

More information about Fedora on IBM System z can be found at this link.