F23 Cloud Base Test Day September 8th!

Hey everyone! Fedora 23 has been baking in the oven. The Fedora Cloud WG has elected to do a temperature check on September 8th.

For this test day we are going to concentrate on the base image. We will have vagrant boxes (see this page for how to set up your machine), qcow images, raw images, and AWS EC2 images. In a later test day we will focus on the Atomic images and Docker images.

The landing page for the Fedora Cloud Base test day is here. If you’re available to test on the test day (or any other time) please go there and fill out your name and test results. Also, don’t forget that you can use some of our new projects testcloud (copr link) and/or Tunir to aid in testing.

Happy testing and we hope to see you on test day!

Fedora Project community


  1. Tom


    im testing Fedora 23 directly on my machine, it works very fine, but one thing does not work:

    The volume setting resets time after time to full. even if i mute the system.

    Where can i report this bug?

    greets, tom

  2. mike

    will you provide proper wlan support?

  3. 5:25 am pdt

    I’m reading the landing instructions and I’ll try to get something meaningful from a standing start. Think I’ve got he better part of the day available. I’ll know better in a few hours.

    • I’m still plowing through from “Hit the ground running,” a few days ago. The virt-manager application is a big score in my tool chest and I’ve got my eye on the testcloud link.

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