Please join the candidates and other members of the Fedora community
on freenode this Friday and Saturday. You may ask questions in
#fedora-townhall-public and the moderator will share them with the
candidates in #fedora-townhall. Each town hall is scheduled for one

FESCo (Engineering) Town Hall
When: Friday, January 31 at 18:00 UTC
Where: #fedora-townhall and #fedora-townhall-public on freenode

FAmSCo (Ambassadors) Town Hall
When: Saturday, February 01 at 17:00 UTC
Where: #fedora-townhall and #fedora-townhall-public on freenode

Some questions for the candidates were collected in advance of the
town halls and the answers provided by the candidates to those
questions will be posted on the questionnaire link on the wiki prior
to the town halls if at all possible.

More information about the schedule and details of this election may
be found on the Elections page.