PDF Annotations in Evince — the default PDF viewer in Fedora — are currently getting some much needed attention by GNOME Google Summer of Code student .  Basic PDF annotation support has been available in Evince for a while now, however, it currently only supports pop-up (sticky notes) style annotations, and there is also the bug where annotations can’t be deleted.

As part of the Google Summer of Code, Giselle plans to improve the current implementation of the pop-up annotations, as well as add support for other styles of PDF annotation, such as being able to highlight and underline specific portions of text, and add notes to it.

So far, progress seems great, according the most recent status update on the project, annotations can now be deleted and the pop-up annotations have been re-styled to look more like sticky notes. There are also a bunch of other changes to make the experience of annotating PDFs in Envince better.