Document your family tree and track your genealogy research with GRAMPS on Fedora

A few weeks back, LWN published an awesome article on using GRAMPS for documenting your family tree and tracking your genealogy research. GRAMPS is a pretty comprehensive peice of software for genealogy research allowing you to specify people, add details about them and their relationships with others in your family tree. The good news? GRAMPS is available in Fedora, and is frequently updated whenever a new version of GRAMPS is released. Jump over to the LWN article for the full lowdown on GRAMPS and what it can do.


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  1. matilda

    Gramps is obviously made for software nerds, not genealogy nerds. After downloading it, none of the links work: “home; start with Genealogy & Gramps; Gramps online manual; Ask questions’. What a crock. I’m interested in searching out other info on my ancestors, it appears Gramps doesn’t accommodate this info sharing. Useless.

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