CPOSC 2013

Central PA Open Source Conference(CPOSC) is a low cost, single day conference covering everything about Open Source.  The conference originally started in 2008 by a few members of the Central PA Linux User Group and the Central PA Ruby Meetup.

The website for the event is: http://cposc.org/

CPOSC will be held on Saturday October 19th, 2013!  It will be held at the IU13 Conference Center in Lancaster, PA.

Registration is at a cost, they have a special for $35 on registrations before 9-17-13. After that date the cost is $40.00. Here is a link to the registration site:


The schedule is pretty packed with various topics regarding Linux and Open Source. The link to the schedule is here:


The day is pretty packed as far as speakers, the link to the list of speakers is: http://cposc.org/speakers/

John Stanley and Joe Brockmeier will be at the event from the Fedora community. The estimated attendance is around 200 people.

Image linked from: http://cposc.org/

Fedora Project community


  1. Christian Perce

    The ticket price is $40. $60 for Friend of CPOSC.

  2. Christian: Thanks I have fixed the post 🙂

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