Contribute at the Fedora Test Day for kernel 4.20

The kernel team is working on final integration for kernel 4.20. This version was just recently released, and will arrive soon in Fedora. This version has many security fixes included. As a result, the Fedora kernel and QA teams have organized a test day for Tuesday, January 15, 2019. Refer to the wiki page for links to the test images you’ll need to participate.

How do test days work?

A test day is an event where anyone can help make sure changes in Fedora work well in an upcoming release. Fedora community members often participate, and the public is welcome at these events. If you’ve never contributed before, this is a perfect way to get started.

To contribute, you only need to be able to do the following things:

  • Download test materials, which include some large files
  • Read and follow directions step by step

The wiki page for the kernel test day has a lot of good information on what and how to test. After you’ve done some testing, you can log your results in the test day web application. If you’re available on or around the day of the event, please do some testing and report your results.

Happy testing, and we hope to see you on test day.

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  1. Glenn Johnson

    Was going to test but there is no info on how to test. Seems disorganized with scattered information.

    • Pat

      I agree with this response and @heliosstyx below! Not enough documentation or pointer to it for a newcomer to even get started.

  2. heliosstyx

    For people who have never done tests for the Fedora testing days the above mentioned documents are too few. It is only for experienced tester, not for newcomer. If you need new testing staff it needs more clearer documentation what to do and how.

    • Kevin Wittek

      I just wanted to +1 this.
      Is there some more complete documentation about kernel testing for Fedora somewhere?

  3. Bob

    I have installed Kernel 5 rc2 and it works.

  4. tom

    People are saying there are no instructions… just follow the instructions present on the wiki: enable and install the 4.20 kernel from either copr or koji then run the test suites.

  5. tonp

    How can I verify kerneltest-4.20.iso?

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